10 Things Women Should Do To Prevent Breast Cancer

10 Things Women Should Do To Prevent Breast Cancer

The risk of breast cancer increases with age, and in women carrying the BRCA1 gene, as is the case with the famous Angelina Jolie, it is even higher. Although these factors cannot be controlled, there are a number of measures available to you, helping you to reduce the risk of this terrible disease.

Here are 10 things any woman should do to prevent breast cancer.

Control your breasts

Breastfeeding is a first way you can discover cancer in time. This should be done monthly, starting at age 20. Check to see if you have nodules, and if you feel something is wrong, contact a specialist doctor immediately.

Check your family's medical history

This step is an important one in the prevention of breast cancer because it puts you on guard for possible problems. It is important to find out if your relatives have developed a certain type of cancer or if your mother is carrying the BRCA1 gene, as this increases the risk considerably.

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