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Weight at birth, not influenced by caffeine

Weight at birth, not influenced by caffeine

Reducing caffeine consumption during pregnancy from three cups of coffee to one has no effect on the birth weight of the baby, a Danish scientific report, published in the International Herald Tribune, shows. Some studies have suggested that cutting off caffeine intake during pregnancy results in high birth weight, but studies of 1,200 healthy women have shown that there is no effect on pregnancy weight or length.

The researchers recruited 1,207 pregnant women in their 20th week, who drank at least three cups of caffeinated coffee daily. Half of the women drank caffeinated coffee, and the other half - decaffeinated. It was found that the weight reached by babies in the "decaffeinated" group is statistically insignificant, even slightly higher than those in the group of women consuming cofeinated coffee.

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March 14, 2007