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Safe and efficient hygiene for small explorers

Safe and efficient hygiene for small explorers

Admittedly, little ones manage to get dirty from head to toe all the time. In the park, in the car, with friends, even at home, there is always a new corner to be explored with the handcuffs and eventually "tasted". And it is normal, because in the first year of life babies discover the world through all the senses: they see, smell, hear and even through the "taste" of the ones they meet. Their curiosity has no limits, and the surrounding world is full of magic and interesting things.

But with hygiene how do we do it? Now it's simple because Bioderma Dermatological Laboratories have formulated an innovative product: ABCDerm H2O, the first micellar solution for the skin of babies and children. Because it is a hygienic product without rinsing you can use it no matter where you are (in the park, in the car, etc.), with the help of a cleaning disc.

You can delete the sticker on the face or eyes, on the gurney, on the folds, as well as in the diaper area when things become "serious". Due to the high absorption power of the impurities and the dirt you can give your little one a quick hygiene whenever it is needed, without worrying that it will get bored or will not be satisfied until the end of the cleaning process.

What does micellar solution actually mean? This product is based on small fatty esters that perfectly mimic the skin cell membrane. It is practically the safest and mildest hygiene for the delicate skin of the little one, and the excellent tolerance is given by the small number of ingredients.

So, whether you are in the park, in the car or anywhere else, do not venture to venture with your little one in the unfolding of all the miracles and to be amazed by all the spectacle that the surrounding world offers. The joy of a falling leaf or the discovery of a ticking clock has never been so enthusiastic!