Low carb diets

Low carb diets

The concept of a low carb diet is to limit the intake of certain types of carbohydrates. It is considered that the ingestion of refined carbohydrates can lead to the release of an increased amount of insulin into the circulation, thus causing weight gain. Two of the most popular low carb diets are Atkins and South Beach.
Atkins diet
The Atkins Diet is a four-step weight loss regime. The last stage is dedicated to the methods of maintaining the lost kilograms.
The basic concept
Atkins diet limits carbohydrate intake. In the first 2 weeks their consumption is almost completely restricted, so that part of the carbohydrates are then gradually reintroduced into the diet.
Phase 1: Introduction. For 2 weeks, as long as this stage lasts, maximum 20 grams of carbohydrates per day will be consumed.
Phase 2: Weight loss. This stage is similar to the previous one, the only change being the introduction of several types of foods and increasing the amount of carbohydrates that can be consumed daily. The new foods introduced are nuts, seeds and some of the plants with berries.
Phase 3: Pre-maintenance (maintenance). When there are about 4.5 kg until the desired weight is reached, the third stage begins. Add up to 5 to 10 grams of carbohydrate weekly in the diet, as the weight stays stationary. Also, new foods will be introduced gradually.
Phase 4: Maintenance. After the desired weight is reached, the fourth phase begins. At this stage it is already known the amount of carbohydrates that can be consumed daily, without showing weight gain.
Are allowed:

  • eggs, meat, fish (all proteins)
  • olive oil, butter, cheese, olives
  • spinach, green salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, avocado (most vegetables)
  • artificial sweeteners.
    Not allowed:
  • sugar and confectionery
  • starch-containing vegetables (corn, peas)
  • breads, pasta, potatoes (they are excluded in stage 1, some will be added later, in the next stage)
  • fruits (at no stage 1, will be added in the next stages)
  • alcohol (at no stage 1, will be added in the next steps)
  • nuts, hazelnuts (not at all in stage 1, will be added in the next steps).

    South Beach Diet

    The South Beach Diet is a three-phase weight loss regime. The last phase is intended to maintain the lost kilograms, to prevent the return to the initial weight.
    The basic concept
    The South Beach Diet avoids the low-carb diet label. This diet promotes the consumption of good carbohydrates and fats.
    Phase 1: During the first phase, three meals a day plus snacks will be consumed. In this phase, only foods with a low carbohydrate content are allowed.
    Phase 2: In this stage, gradually add fruit, bread and flour from whole grains. Also, at this stage you will learn which foods cause weight gain.
    Phase 3: Once the desired weight is reached, the third phase begins. The information accumulated during the first two phases is now used to create an individual weight loss diet.
    Are allowed:
  • lean meat and crusts, lean meat
  • meat and tofu substitutes
  • eggs, cheese, nuts and beans
  • vegetables.
    Not allowed:
  • bread, rice, potatoes, pasta (none in the first phase, will be added later)
  • fruit (not at first stage, will be added gradually in subsequent phases)
  • pastry
  • sugar
  • alcohol.
    Although there are many diets to lose weight, nutritionists do not recommend a certain diet. There is no valid universal weight loss regime. The doctor or nutritionist can help individualize the weight loss diet, according to the health status of each individual.