Secom invites families to enjoy June 1 by moving

Secom invites families to enjoy June 1 by moving

From 1st June free, Secom invites children, parents and grandparents to a Family Sports Marathon. The event will take place on Thursday, June 1, between 11.00 and 16.00, in the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park in Bucharest (former I.O.R.), and will include five hours of movement with exercises specially created for families.

The training will start at fixed times and will be supported by Radu Restivan, a sports enthusiast, cycling instructor and the founder of 321Sport, a sports community dedicated to those who want to change their lives through sports. Thus, the participants will enjoy an entertaining and memorable hour of sports with the children. Each hour will include a heating stage, the actual training, and a relaxation stage. The participants will jump, they will have pole vaults, body weight exercises, knee flexions, and in the end each one will go home with some ideas of sports activities that they can do anytime and anywhere with the little ones. Most exercises will require two participants to perform, and interactivity is one of the conditions that will be present.

"Secom has chosen to invite families on Children's Day to five hours of movement, because we want parents to develop and promote the culture of movement. Childhood obesity is a reality that parents should look at with great responsibility. Behind the statistics that place Romania in second place in Europe * on obesity in children, there is the unbalanced diet that children receive, the lack of movement and the lack of a healthy lifestyle in the family. Let's change these things, and from June 1 we intend to take a small step in this regard, ”explains Lucia Costea, managing partner Secom.

"We believe that family time is the most important, and human interaction plays a particular role regardless of age. Sport is a great way to connect people regardless of age, because when we move we are all the same. Besides the things obtained directly through physical exertion (strength, coordination, speed of reaction), the sport offers the possibility to turn people around you into friends, and the age barrier no longer seems an impediment. In addition, parents and grandparents are the example that little ones have at hand every day, and sports inspiration can come from within the family. In a world where some parents choose to give their little ones tablets or phones to fill their free time **, we want to encourage a healthy family life and a harmonious development of the little ones! ”, Says Radu Restivan , coach, founder of 321Sport.

After each hour of sports, Secom prepared the children with a raffle with prizes to help them do sports at home, together with their family.

Access to the event is free. The entrance is made from Baba Novac street, and the Secom Family Movement Marathon runs on the grass, in the slope to the left of the wooden Foisorului (walk 60 meters down the alley).

The event is part of Come to The Most Itsy Bitsy National Free Day!

About Secom

Secom is the Romanian company, an authority leader in integrative medicine solutions that respond to the needs of a healthy lifestyle of the modern man, and a promoter of beauty through natural cosmetic products, with high quality ingredients. The company specializes in the import, distribution and marketing of natural products for health and beauty (natural food and cosmetic supplements).

Secom pioneered, being the first company to introduce medicinal mushrooms, standardized plant extracts, a series of innovative ingredients such as colostrum, as well as the first range of supplements specially created for children's health - ChildLife Essentials.

The company is the exclusive importer in Romania of the brands Andalou Naturals, Solaray, KAL, ChildLife Essentials, Jarrow Formulas, Nature's Way, Boerike & Tafel, China-Japan Feida Union, Essiac Mushroom Winsdom, Life-Flo, top US manufacturers, recognized for their thanks. innovative formulas.

Currently, Secom's portfolio covers the entire range of conditions, including over 250 natural food supplements and approx. 100 natural cosmetics, most of them unique on the Romanian market.

Secom products are available in over 8000 pharmacies and shops with a national profile, as well as in the 12 Secom stores in Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Sibiu and Timisoara.


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** Specialists claim that parents give their children a tablet or mobile phone at a younger age, considering that they are filling the lack of interaction that a child should normally have in the park or in front of the block. //goo.gl/pZGRXI

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