The City Hall opens the season of joy and fun on International Children's Day

The City Hall opens the season of joy and fun on International Children's Day

On June 1, The City Hall of Bucharest, through ARCUB, celebrates International Children's Day with the little Bucharest people, in Cismigiu Park and in the city's neighborhoods. Arrived at the edition with the number 16, Cismigiul Children, the celebration of the game and the joy that brings together over 8,000 participants annually, will take place between 11:00 and 21:00, in Cismigiu Park. The avenues of the park will be transformed for a day into a fun space, with creative challenges and hours of fun, both for children and adults who will accompany them.

For the first time, the event will join this year Caravan Gasca Zurli, the most beloved children's band in Romania. Gasca Zurli travels on the occasion of International Children's Day all over Bucharest in a single day, aboard the multicolored truck that spreads music and joy. The group of artists will support a show in each sector of the capital.


The Gasca Zurli caravan will start at the University Square (in front of the TNB) at 10:00 and will stop for performances at the following points:

Sector 1 - Floreasca Park, 10.30 am (Mircea Eliade Blvd.)

Sector 2 - National Park, 11.40 am (Maior Ion Coravu Street)

Sector 3 - IOR Park, 12.50 (Lotrioara Street)

Sector 4 - Carol Park, 2 pm (Freedom Square)

Sector 5 - Sebastian Park, 15.10 (Motoc Street)

Sector 6 - Crangasi Park, 4.20 pm (Crangasi Road)

The Children's Movement, the event expected by all the little ones in the Capital, will bring in the middle of the city the same atmosphere broken from the stories of childhood, with dance performances, concerts supported by children's choirs and interactive attractions. The children will have hours of fun and joy in the nature, with games, plays and painting parties.

The show on the stage in the center of Cismigiu Park will be presented by the well-known TV producers Razvan Simion and Dani Otil. There will be dance performances, choral recitals and concerts of the most beloved groups for children. Of the present artistic groups, we mention: the DoReMi group, with a dance performance and vocal artistic moments, the Allegretto Children's Choir, with a tradition of over 40 years and with numerous participation abroad and the Children's Radio Choir, established in 1945 and distinguished with the title of cultural ambassador of the European Union. Also, the Melodia vocal group will evolve, with a Romanian and international repertoire, the dancers from the Show Dance Art school, known to the public from the TV appearances and the vocal group Sunetul Muzic─â, with singing singers who have graduated at numerous national festivals.

The fun day will end with three of the most popular names of the moment in Romanian music: The Motans Band, as well as soloists Alina Eremia and Nicole Cherry.

The puppets and the independent actors meet all the children at La Cetate, with theater performances, dance performances and entertaining games. Among the many other representations we can mention the show "Rapunzel", staged by the CREAS Association, which transposes into the puppet theater the well-known fairy tale of the Grimm brothers. "The bear fooled by the fox" will come to life thanks to the artists of the Mirciolino theater band, and the pop-rock musical concert of the puppets of the theater company Pur Anima promises to entertain the whole audience. The Interactive Theater Company welcomes the little ones from the public into the fascinating world of sea creatures, and the Musketeers Theater Troupe will tell the story of Pinocchio and the adventures that made him loved all over the world. The MagicArt theater group brings Georgica and Matilda to the show in Cismigiu, in a show about proverbs and popular wisdom.

The Children's Cismigie will give the little ones the opportunity to practice their skills and learn new things, in a playful atmosphere. On the alleyways of the park, children will discover workshops such as origami, actor's art, painting, fun science, creative recycling and hand dolls, percussion, African drums, and the pantomime workshop.

The Magic Tent Masters will delight the curious audience with their captivating numbers. Beginning at 3:00 pm, names known as Teo Magic Show, Stefania Banica, Emil Dragan or Magi Tot will evolve. The famous illusionist Rothini will end the evening of magic with his tricks that keep the soul in his mouth.

After a healthy period of entertainment, along with the cartoonists and portraits on the Bridge of Arts, the little ones invited to the event will exercise their artistic talent on the Drawing Alley. Pirate ship is the place where children will go home with figurines from moldable balloons, and inflatable games from the Games Meadow are just waiting to be discovered.

The Animal Farm will transpose all the children in the fairy tale world of grandparents, while the passionate people for painting and snapshots will gather at Foisor. The most talented of the little musicians will be able to participate in karaoke sessions, organized at the main entrance to the park.

We invite you to celebrate the arrival of summer, together with the little ones, in an event that gives Bucharest its identity.

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