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Zarzavat - Children's tailoring workshop

Zarzavat - Children's tailoring workshop

The power of the squash comes on May 28, 11:00 am at Therapy! Because we want to make them still friends with the vegetables and their important role in nutrition, we created the Zarzavat workshop - Children's tailoring workshop. We will draw them according to our imagination, create patterns and then come to life with the help of the felt.

The tailoring workshop is designed and structured to help develop self-confidence by going the entire route (from ideas to the achieved object). Besides the little ones will spend Sunday in a relaxing and creative way, they will have fun and develop their imagination while learning new things. Also here they will have the opportunity to put into practice their own ideas, which they will later transform into toys with which they will leave home.

Recommended age: + 3 years

Ticket price: 60 lei (the price includes all the necessary materials) *

The funds obtained will help to support the social enterprise Atelier Simplus.

In the Simplus workshop we make toys according to children's drawings, serial toys (based on the sketches of a Romanian designer) and covers for laptops, tablets and phones. We only work with textile materials: cotton or felt. We also use scrap of textile materials from manufacturers or other tailoring workshops. We want our products to take you with the thought of "once", the beautiful past, but full of Romanian traditions: either through the materials used, or by design or the details made by hand.

In the workshop, we rely on simplicity: the people who work here, the products that come to life in their hands, the materials we use. Simplus employees come from vulnerable groups. The headquarters of the Simplus workshop is in the rural area, near Targoviste.

* The participation is made only on the basis of registration at the email address [email protected]

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