6 mistakes we make in the kitchen

6 mistakes we make in the kitchen

Even if you are talented at cooking, and the most delicious and delicious dishes come out of your hand, praised by everyone, it does not mean that you are perfect and that you are not prone to kitchen mistakes. There are several common "sins" that housewives do in the kitchen, which you should take into account so you don't fall into their trap!

Wash the cast iron pan with detergent and sponge

Detergent and sponge damage the cast iron pans, as they scratch and damage the material. More suitable is that after using it, pour in a few drops of clean oil and a little salt, then take a paper towel and gently wipe the surface.

The salt will act as a cleaning powder on the surface of the pan, but it will not scratch it, like detergent. In addition, it will absorb traces of food and burnt oil and leave the pan clean and ready for a new cooking session.

We omit or skip certain steps or ingredients in the recipe

No matter how much cooking experience you have and how talented you are in the kitchen, it is important that when you prepare a new food, you must adhere exactly to the ingredients in the recipe, the weights and do not skip any steps.

If you want to make sure that a preparation will come out properly, it is recommended to follow in detail its recipe. Any skipped step or substituted ingredient can affect the end result and destroy your preparation.

We do not respect the recommended baking time

Another common mistake that housewives make in the kitchen is that they do not respect the cooking time of the preparations indicated in the recipe. Many of them have either the impression that the preparation is not enough, after the time has expired, and leave it in the oven, or it is ready faster, and remove it earlier from the oven.

Either of the two variants is wrong. The baking time is calculated in such a way that the preparation you make has the optimum consistency and texture. It is not advisable to invent a baking time, because you can wake up either with the raw preparation in the middle or burned.

Do not wash the ingredients carefully

Besides the fact that many people fail to wash their hands before cooking, one mistake I often make is that they do not wash most of the ingredients used. Many people do not wash, for example, meat, eggs or rice before using them. All these ingredients require careful washing for various reasons.

For example, the eggs should be washed before breaking them, as they have traces of hinges on them. If you escape, by chance, bark in preparations, the chicken contaminates the food and becomes dangerous to health, because it is very toxic. The rice should be washed before cooking to remove excess starch, which makes it sticky when cooked.

We choose the wrong cooking oil

Cooking oils give the housewives a big headache. They are placed in front of a shelf full of many types of oil and do not know which to choose for the preparations they have in the plan. It is important to know that not all oils can be used for frying and that many of them impregnate their flavor in the preparations you cook.

The most common mistake related to oil is that many households use olive oil, considered very healthy, to fry. It is very healthy and should exist in the room of each house, but it is not fried. For frying, you need a neutral oil, such as sunflower or corn oil, which has a very high boiling point and does not impregnate its aroma in food.

Also for fried, palm oil is also recommended. Otherwise, sesame, olive, grape, coconut or peanut oils are recommended for salads, sauces and flavorings.

We do not taste the food during its preparation

Many people avoid tasting the food during its preparation and rely on experience to flavor and spice it. It's a common mistake, with which you can easily cheat. The food can come out either too salty or spicy or not at all, and often cannot be "repaired" at the end. Even great chefs taste the food as it prepares it, to make sure it has a balanced and perfectly spiced taste.

What other common mistakes have you made in the kitchen? Share your boogies in the comment section below!

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