Diana Dumitrescu is a girl of money ready in the animation Justin and the 3D knights

Diana Dumitrescu is a girl of money ready in the animation Justin and the 3D knights

On her first collaboration in an animation project, Diana Dumitrescu can be admired on Friday, October 4 on the big screens, in the beautiful animation Justin and the 3D knights, a film distributed in cinemas by MediaPro Distribution.

"The experience was a very interesting one, which I thoroughly enjoyed. On this occasion I realized that I would like to see animations made in Romania, specially made for our actors, with original replicas, thought in the language. "said Diana Dumitrescu about her debut in an animated film.

The beautiful and talented actress plays Justin and 3D knights Lara, a charming young woman and ready for money, because her father is the one who invented the money in the Kingdom. Lara's indifference to Justin does not affect our hero, who is irrevocably in love with her. That is until Lara gives in to the charm of Sir Clorex, whom he comes to adore. Only then does Justin realize that maybe Lara is not the right girl for him.

Together with Diana Dumitrescu, they contributed to the dubbing in Romanian of the film Justin and the 3D knights: Cabral, Mircea Solcanu, Criss and Vlad (ONE band), Florin Busuioc, Roxana Iliescu and Irina Nistor.

With funny happenings, funny characters and great heroes, Justin's animation and 3D Knights is being distributed by MediaPro Distribution for the premiere, on October 4, in cinemas: CinemaPRO, Hollywood Multiplex, Movieplex, The Light Cinema, Grand Cinema Digiplex Baneasa, Cityplex (Constanta, Tulcea and Brasov), Cinema City (Cotroceni, Arad, Arad Gallery, Bacau, Baia Mare, Braila, Cluj, Cluj Polus, Iasi, Constanta, Pitesti, Sun Plaza, Timisoara, Targu-Mures, Ploiesti), Cinema Arta (Targu- Mures), Patria (Craiova), Cinema Florin Piersic (Cluj), Premiere (Ploiesti), Cinema Sergiu Nicolaescu (Targu-Jiu), Cinema Capitol (Onesti), Cinema Colors 3D (Craiova), Cinema Eugen Ionescu (Slatina), Cinema Twins (Ploiesti), Cortina (Oradea), Cine Grand (Botosani), Cinema Ostroveni (Ostroveni), Cinema Marcom (Buzau), Palace (Oradea), Cinema Grand Mall (Satu-Mare).