How to keep your holiday silhouette

How to keep your holiday silhouette

Your figure could be seriously "damaged" for the holidays, if you do not take the necessary precautionary measures early and arm yourself with the will to face the culinary temptations that will pervade your eyes. Here are some useful tricks to control your weight over Christmas!

Intensifies physical movement

You know that you will not be able to refrain from tasting all the snacks that you will prepare or that will pass through your eyes, which means extra calories and pounds for your figure. If you step up a bit in sports training during this period and you put more emphasis on sports, you might be able to balance the balance and not allow room for high-calorie calories to take root in your figure.

Taste, but don't overdo it

I know you would like to unwrap yourself from all the goodies prepared with love for the holiday table. You do not have to avoid them completely, but it is ideal to take them into consideration. When you refuse the desire to taste from cozonac, sarmas or other favorite foods, the feeling of frustration arises. It will cause you to not only pack on everything on the table, but to give up any care for the figure and eat without measure. Therefore, it is better to keep your right to taste everything, but a little!

Breakfast is served daily

Breakfast seems to be the most efficient and simple weapon against extra kilos. Have a hearty and healthy breakfast during the holidays, which will provide you with energy and power, but which will also reduce your appetite for the day. It seems that people who serve breakfast daily eat less during the rest of the day than those who skip the first meal of the day.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Meals packed for the holidays are always sprinkled with the finest and tastiest drinks, on all tastes. Whether you are an occasional drinker or not, you will be tempted to taste, along with others, as many refined beverages.

The specialists draw attention to the fact that alcohol tends to favor the fattening and deposit of fat layers in the body. The more you drink alcohol, the more you increase your chances of getting fat faster.

Eat a little and often

"Small and thick portions, the key to great successes" can be adapted to a word conveyed in the people to this situation. The biggest success that the consumption of reduced and frequent portions ensures is the maintenance of the desired figure and even its remodeling, in case you want to lose a little more. It contributes to improving digestion and avoiding the deposition of fatty layers in the body.

So do not try to abuse all the food prepared for the holidays at one meal. Taste a bit of a preparation, take a break and then visit the refrigerator again shortly.

Cook as healthy as possible

You don't even have to give up traditional Christmas preparations to eat healthy and not get fat. You just have to cook them as healthy as possible, using low calorie and nutritionally rich ingredients.

It replaces the sarmales and pork with turkey, cook beef salad with yogurt and not mayonnaise dressing. Find healthy substitutes for more traditional preparations and you will greatly reduce the calorie intake of that period.

Drink as much water as possible

Make water your favorite drink during the holidays. Even though they will pour all kinds of delicious drinks, seasonal - egg liqueur, boiled wine, etc. -, but also the traditional refreshments, it is good to keep them as far away from your figure.

By replacing juices and alcohol with water, not only do you avoid adding extra pounds to the figure, but you could even "burn" some of the existing ones.

Avoid sitting too long at the table

It is specific to the holidays to move from one table to another, when you go through visits or receive guests. Avoid sitting too long at the table, because the temptation to always taste something is very high, even in the absence of hunger. Make yourself a balanced program, where you integrate skating, walking in the park, battles with snow and, why not, dancing in your holiday program.

How did you manage to cope with the avalanche of calories that are on the rise every year, around the holidays? Tell us your tricks in the comment section below!