Born a second time

Born a second time

Of the total number of children born every year at Maternity in Braila, 5% have various malformations, which require the emergency intervention of the specialized doctors. In most cases, the malformations of the children are caused by some viruses or influenza that the mother has contacted during the pregnancy, by the pollution in the environment or by the level of the radiation, by the stress of the mother or by her alcohol and tobacco consumption. An important contribution to the appearance of malformations in the newborn is also due to the inadequate nutrition of the mother and, as I learned from Dr. Alexandru Balta, spokesman for the Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital, lack of folic acid and vitamins in the first three months of pregnancy generate malformations of the spinal cord and central nervous system; In order to prevent nervous system disorders, folic acid should be administered at the recommendation of the family doctor and the specialist doctor, which requires the pregnancy to be highlighted and the pregnancy to be monitored under optimal conditions.

Because in pregnant women who have been affected by respiratory viruses this winter there is a risk of giving birth to children with malformations, doctors recommended termination of pregnancy, where appropriate, but there were also situations in which pregnant women aborted or gave birth to girls. malformed. Such an unfortunate case was registered the previous days at the Brazilian Maternity, by the birth of a dead, multiformed fetus; he was the third child of a mother of only 17 and was born with head and upper limb malformations. When neonatologists from Maternity find some malformations in a newborn baby, they immediately contact the child surgery department, where the case is examined by specialist doctors and, depending on the possibilities, the child is operated in Braila or sent with ambulance in Bucharest, so the little ones are recovered in only a few days after birth.

About many of these children it can be said that they were born once again and that they were offered the chance to live a normal life with their family; There are cases, however, when, after finding out that he has a child with malformations, the mother leaves him in the hospital, he loses all hope, and when he realizes that the intervention has proved a real success, that mother is reassessed by the child, but there are also situations. in which the little ones remain alone, under the care of the doctors. At the emergency surgery section of the County Emergency Hospital, doctors make every effort to resolve the malformations with which the small patients were born, but, as I learned from Dr. Virgil Lefter, in all cases they cannot declare victorious.

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March 12, 2006