Barni cake now with 45% fruit filling

Barni cake now with 45% fruit filling

Barni pie now has 45% fruit content in the filling and can be the right choice when you want to give the little one a delicious snack between meals.

"Barni has been on the Romanian cakes market for 5 years, until now registering sales of over 100 million teddy bears. Our small consumers enjoy in approximately equal proportions the 3 existing flavors: chocolate, milk and strawberry filling. These results they encouraged us to develop the range and to meet the consumers with a delicious new product: Barni with apple filling. Also, the strawberry version now has an improved recipe, "says Andreea Bogdan, Senior Brand Manager Biscuits - Kraft Foods Romania , part of Mondel─ôz International.

Children consume a wide range of products that ensure their daily nutritional intake. Studies have shown that fruits are the most often offered alternative for little ones when they want a snack, and apples and strawberries are top of their preferences.

"We know that children enjoy a variety of snacks and mothers want to offer them healthier products. Due to its ingredients, Barni can be a good choice for a balanced snack, eaten with a fruit or a dairy product," concludes Andreea Bogdan.

Barni is a fluffy cake, suitable for tasting children, without colorings or preservatives.

It is made with simple and quality ingredients: cereals, eggs, milk, fruits. The 30g individual serving, with the happy teddy bear shape, is suitable for the baby's tasting. All 4 flavors are available in both the 30g format and the 150g box.