Zurland, the largest playground for parents and children

Zurland, the largest playground for parents and children

Come on June 17 and 18, on Stirbey Field, near Bucharest. 80,000 square meters will be transformed into the most beautiful place in Romania.

Parents and children alike will live together the busiest two days of 2017. From morning to evening, from 10.00 to 22.00, dozens of shows, hundreds of characters, countless challenges, workshops and activities organized by a team that set out to organize the largest family festival so far, in Romania.

We have prepared many surprises, guests who will fill your souls with joy. Every day we reveal how much a surprise or a guest. We tell you, though, a little secret. Marian Ralea, the magician of today's parents, comes to Zurich with the Abracadabra Foundation.

Subscriptions have already been put up for sale and are available in the Eventim, and networks.

Come and join us and be part of the most beautiful story about parents and children in Romania. I'm waiting for you in Zurlandia at:

Play Championship - The Playing Championship is based on sports activities. On the championship field there will be competitions for babies, tricycle competitions, scooters, running in bags or with children in the car, climbing the trees, the staf, the family cross, and more. In Zurich absolutely all children and parents are CHAMPIONS, because we will reward the participation.

Zurli Academy - It is the place where children receive a passport for the future. All the courses and activities loved by the little ones are gathered in one place. You can sign up for dozens of free courses: skills courses, painting, theater, hand-mades, dance, movement, photography, television courses, etc.

Parents play school - The place where the big ones learn to play. It is the area for seminars and workshops for parents. In two days parents will learn to play with their children in the car, at home, in the bathroom, on the beach, at the mountain, on the hiking, at parties, for lunch, waking games and bedtime games. Parents and grandparents discover how chaos can be turned into fun.

Zurli House - The place where the children discover the story of Gastii Zurli. "A small house" is not just a song. She even EXISTED. It is a unique opportunity to enter the world of Zurli, home to them.

Guinness World Records - We set out to enter the Book of Records with the biggest game played by parents and children.

Come and join us in the wonderful world of Zurich.

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