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6 gift ideas for 2 year olds

6 gift ideas for 2 year olds

Once the child reaches the age of 1 year, parents begin to give advice in trying to model their behavior. At the age of 2, he still learns how to master his walking and running. It is only now that he begins to enrich his vocabulary and to read sentences.

Stimulate her natural curiosity, giving her the gift of toys as diverse as possible. Age-adjusted toys help him develop his coordination skills and enjoy childhood.

Toy cutlery

Starting with the age of 24 months, the child begins to develop the strength of his hand and acquire the coordination necessary to dress and feed himself. Orient yourself to toys that offer you the opportunity to practice your motor skills, such as pressing buttons, clamping, closing and opening zippers, knotting, tying strings or combining parts.

Small cutlery sets with large, easy-to-grip handles help the prince to exercise his ability to eat with a fork or drink from a lid-less container. Feeding the doll or the favorite plush animal with toy cutlery is another activity for 2 year olds.

Not only does it help them learn motor skills, but it also stimulates them to become responsible. Children who feed the teddy bear mimic the behavior of adults, more precisely the behavior of the mother who feeds her child.

Construction sets

The wooden cubes give the 2-year-old the opportunity to build his own world, stacking, combining, colliding the cubes between them and rebuilding. At first, it will build small towers, of two or three cubes. As the motor skills improve, the towers will become taller.

Choose a set of soft cubes, engraved with letters. They serve a dual purpose: they have the right shape and size for stacking and familiarize the little one with the alphabet.

Children are fascinated by everything that rotates or is magnetic. You can orient yourself to a set of wooden rails, which give the little boy the opportunity to assemble the pieces and push the trains on himself. Avoid massive sets with many pieces, as they are too complex for a 2 year old. It is best to buy a simple set, which itself is mounted in a circle or in the form of a figure 8. In this way, the little one will not feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the assembly and will enjoy the game with the train.

The ball, a gift always inspired

If a year ago, you were just waiting for your little one to learn to walk, now you make some effort to keep up with him. The 2 year old loves to throw the ball, run after it and bring it back to you. Ball play develops their motor skills, muscle tone, endurance, coordination, balance and strength, giving children the opportunity to interact with their own body. In addition, catching the ball allows them to practice turning, a key skill for social development.

Books with musical stories

Reading with the little one is very important at this age. He contributes both to the development of language - by building vocabulary, as well as to understanding the idea that any story has a beginning, a content and a conclusion.

Reading aloud and tracking the lines with your finger helps the child visualize the line of words from left to right and orient the rows from top to bottom. Cardboard sheets are ideal, especially as small ones tend to break any page. Orient yourself to a combination of classic stories, interactive books with touch pages or books with inserts or flaps (windows, tabs, etc.).

Also consider volumes with longer stories after the age of 2, as children begin to develop their ability to pay attention for longer periods of time. Books that illustrate popular songs offer little ones a multi-sensory interactive experience. Books with sounds or musical keys give stories a new dimension. Even those who come with CDs are not to be ignored.

It is very important for parents to offer their children a variety of reading materials, from stories and stories, to rhyming poems and songs included in the story.

Transformable tricycle

Children under the age of 3 are not yet ready to ride a tricycle on their own. Therefore, look for a model provided with the push rod. Tricycles of this type help them learn to move their feet and keep them raised in the correct position.

Another option is the bicycle with auxiliary wheels, which helps the little ones to ride on two wheels, without pedals. If a child learns how to keep his or her balance up and down, he or she can easily move on a bicycle. There are many models of bicycles with auxiliary wheels, of different sizes and made of different materials: wood, metal or plastic. Each model has pros and cons.

Some models can be adapted, depending on the age of the child. For example, the tricycle that can be transformed into a bicycle without pedals, for several stages of age, "grows" with the little one. From the tricycle with parental control and parasol for hot days, you can turn it into a tricycle without pedals, bicycle without pedals, bicycle with pedals or tricycle with pedals.

Art for young children

As they discover the colors, the little ones become little artists. He loves to pencil with pencils, floats and watercolors on any surface. If your little one is already showing the painter's eyes, then a set of non-toxic watercolors for hand painting will surely arouse him to express his talent and to exercise his imagination. Exposing a child to art is very important for creating and developing visual images in the brain.

A visit to the fine arts museum might delight him to an extent. There are other alternatives, such as a cardboard book that presents real works of art, combined with textures that children can touch and feel.

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