Teenage parents help with the massage of their babies

Teenage parents help with the massage of their babies

Being a teenager is not easy at all, but being a parent at the same time is extremely difficult. Those who choose not to give their child up for adoption show remarkable courage and need all the support of family and acquaintances.

Massage for babies is an important addition that can be added to programs for adolescent parents. Massage is a wonderful way to communicate and get to know the child better. The moments spent during the massage sessions with this little being in our life have a special significance.

A simple relaxing massage is enough to get multiple benefits for both parent and child. They practically become a united team that grows and develops at the same time. In this way the child can benefit from an optimal start, taking full advantage of all the physical and mental benefits of the massage for babies.

Massage movements are simple and intuitive, which is why parents can easily perform them and include them in their daily routine without any problems. The baby massage promotes the formation of a secure attachment, the harmonious physical and mental development, as well as a general well-being.

Remember that it is the touch that lays the foundation of how your child will communicate with the environment. It is the beginning of the feeling of love that the child needs and wants from life. Learning and practicing massage for babies can be the foundation of a wonderful daily experience for parents and children throughout its first years of life.

Mirela Dragota

Massage instructor for babies


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