Massage of babies with dermatological problems

Massage of babies with dermatological problems

As parents, we must be aware that in the first five years our child develops his / her skills, abilities, emotions and behavior in general. The main method by which babies experience the environment is touch, thus making the skin an extremely important organ, which must be protected permanently. By giving the child an example of healthy skin care rituals (and the body in general), we ensure that he or she will follow the same routine in adult life and will not have dermatological problems or have as little as possible.

Despite all our efforts, it is possible for the baby to develop various skin problems due to allergies, genetic inheritance, contact with dangerous substances, accidents, etc. Children's skin is very sensitive, so it can be easily dehydrated and infected.

When this happens, the first step we need to do is go to the doctor. Most problems are solved with short-term local treatment, but it is always good to consult a doctor. He will also tell us whether or not we can massage the problem area.

In general, any area of ​​the body that presents with redness, inflammation, open sore or even pus is best to be avoided and to put on it only creams recommended by a specialist. If the affected area is enlarged, it is best to stop the massage and resume it only when the child is healthy.

It is important to remember that we are not allowed to massage the baby in cases of chickenpox, measles or any other disease that appears on the skin, until it is completely cured. Also, we are never allowed to massage the sensitive, painful skin.

A special case is burns. Depending on their type and recovery is different. Massage can be a touch or a more complex movement.

For example, the recovery of a child with a severe burn begins with placing the hands on the affected area, without making any movement. All this time we talk to him and try to relax him. The procedure takes very little at the beginning, a few seconds - 1 minute, and we will progressively increase the time and complexity of the movement. This process can be frustrating and extremely long at times, which is why "patience" is the key word.

When deciding to massage a child with dermatological problems, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician or a dermatologist. It is also ideal to talk to a child massage specialist because, even if we are allowed to massage it, certain movements can be forbidden. That way we can avoid many problems and keep our child happy.

Think of the skin as the window to the inside of the body and a mirror of the environment that surrounds us. Care for her properly is vital.

Mirela Dragota

Massage instructor for babies



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