BABY EXPO, 38th Spring Edition!

BABY EXPO, 38th Spring Edition!

Starting Thursday, March 14th, there is shopping and fun in the same place!

BABY EXPO, the biggest celebration of Pregnant and Babies in Romania opens its doors in the days of March 14, 15, 16, 17 at the Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest. Moms, dads, grandparents and kids are expected to discover unique products, enjoy the most attractive games together and benefit from special offers. For 4 days, the more than 150 companies present expect parents with a wide range of products and services for small children.

In order to make the visit to the BABY EXPO as enjoyable and relaxing as possible, we have prepared many fun activities for children and parents.

  • Only one star of yours in the ITSY BITSY Universe! Each child will receive a star of his own, which he can color as he wants to fill the ITSY BITSY universe of joy. Parents will be able to participate in the raffle, which has an Evolio Tabby tablet!
  • Beauty Play Children's Hairstyle offers free hairstyle services for girls and boys.
  • At the Blue Bear / Baby Restaurant - Nestle is waiting for the little ones with delicious dishes, for a balanced and healthy diet! The menu is rich and varied, satisfies the tastes of the most delectable babies and is free. The parent chooses from the menu the favorite food of the little one and immediately the baby is served. The menu includes: purees, desserts and fruit drinks.
  • A memory with you and your baby, from Everything about Moms and Uncle Jeb Studio - the most sympathetic and original family picture magnet, just fine to show or give to grandparents.
  • Launch of the magazine "Pap tot!" - magazine "Pap tot!" and Mariana, the "chef-chef" awaits the chickens for cooking and tasting demonstrations: carrots with brisket, turkey cakes in oven, rice pudding with dried bananas, etc.
  • CARNIVAL PARTY ... A colorful life! Delicate princesses or enchanted fairies, fierce pirates and funny spirits, at the BABY EXPO everyone looks forward to sharing.
  • Chicco Play Space - a place of relaxation and fun for the little ones, equipped with garden toys.
  • Prizes and surprises at the Superbebe stand! Pregnant and moms will have the opportunity to win a Streety 3-in-1 Comfort Baby Stroller, a Confort Green car seat and the grand prize: a stem cell harvesting package.
  • Photo studio for mothers and babies GIA PHOTO STUDIO. Free for moms and babies, a photo in a story setting and a personalized photo frame.
  • Pufies space for changing diapers. We have prepared a specially designed place, where the baby can try the Pufies diapers, and the moms discover all the advantages that the diapers offer to the babies that set the fashion trends.
  • Breastfeeding Space Medela - in a friendly, clean and discreet environment, mothers have the opportunity to breastfeed the baby.

Parents are invited to participate in events and contests, which have become a tradition at the BABY EXPO

  • Babies' Competition Going by the Bus - Every day at 11:00, the babies show everyone how little they can be champions at the bus ride and receive prizes from the Nestle Bear.
  • Salsa BABY - dance to Salsa rhythms with your baby! Every day at 12:00, moms with babies in the baby carrier will compete in salsa rhythms. Lively tropical songs and many prizes offered by BABY-NOVA.
  • Sport Dwarfs - the most attractive sporting event for children between 14 and 36 months. On a circuit adapted to the age of the child, with the help of parents, the youngest will have 4 tests: Climbing, Balance, Descent and Rostogol! Every day at 1pm, the Bear Nestle starts the contest and awards all the children.
  • BABY Gym, game and movement for the little ones - Dorna-Izvorul Alb invites parents and children to discover the pleasure of the game through movement. Under the guidance of the specialists from Kineto Bebe, children play, do gymnastics ... learn to balance, roll, and parents receive advice on the harmonious growth of the little one. BABY Gym runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 3pm and 6.30pm.
  • Auto Safety - how do we choose the car seat for our child?

At the Auto Safety booth, Maxi-Cosi specialists advise parents how to choose the right car seat according to the size of the child, so that he can travel safely and comfortably. Parents can also participate in practical demonstrations of mounting / dismantling car seats.

  • First aid demonstrations - trainers and volunteers of the Red Cross, Sector 6 Branch, organize interactive first aid demonstrations in case of "holiday" accidents, in case of domestic accidents and in the case of road accidents, addressing both parents, future parents and children.

BABY EXPO is an educational salon!

Parents are invited to attend seminars and interactive workshops with specialists in pediatrics, education, childcare, nutrition, psychology, etc. Among the topics covered: healthy eating of children, the baby's sleep in the first year, harvesting of stem cells, between myth and reality, how to decipher the secret language of your child. Details on, under "Parent's Club".

SUZUKI - Official Auto Partner of BABY EXPO

Children change their parents' perspective on their priorities in life. Given the growing interest of parents for the safety of the child, SUZUKI comes to them with tips on choosing the right car for the whole family.

Parents are invited to the BABY EXPO from Thursday, March 14 until Sunday, March 17, daily between 10.00 and 19.00, and Sunday until 16.00, at the Multipurpose Hall in Bucharest.

Admission to the exhibition costs 10 lei for parents and is free for children.

Based on the entrance ticket, take part in the Super Tombola BABY EXPO!

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