How to prepare your baby for the cold months?

How to prepare your baby for the cold months?

Autumn and winter are quite difficult seasons to care for your baby. It is important to prepare yourself early and thus avoid any inconvenience that could affect your child's health.

Protect your baby from sudden temperature changes!

The main enemy of your baby in cold seasons is not the cold, but the sudden change in temperature. As in the first few months the child cannot naturally adjust his body temperature, he will need you to check if he is cold or hot.

Here's how you can figure out how the newborn is:

- pale skin, cold hands or feet show that it is cold;

- perspiration or blushing of the cheeks are clear signs that it is warm;

- Nervous manifestations quite often should cause you to check their temperature.

Even if it's winter, go out for a walk every day!

To keep him away from the sudden changes in temperature, try to go out with him at noon when the temperatures contrast less.

Try to dress the baby a little thicker and make sure the clothes are fine, comfortable, not too tight for the baby's skin to sweat.

Some tips on what clothes to buy:

- Look for clothes to have locking systems such as staples, hinges and cords made of textile material. In case the chosen clothes have buttons, it is good for them to be large, flat and located in the back, so that the baby does not reach them.

- the best clothes are the bodies. Look for those with a wide neck, to which the material on the shoulders is superimposed and which have staples between the legs. They are very easy to put and remove.

- Also recommended are the jumpsuits with staples arranged in front on the feet. They are very easy to open to change his diaper quickly.

Very important for the skin of your baby is that the material of the clothes is 100% cotton!

The skin of the little ones needs special care

Children in the winter months are prone to skin drying because their sweat glands are not fully developed. The forms of rash can be associated with redness, itching, hives and other possible discoloration of the skin.

Make it a habit to moisturize the baby's skin before each exit from the house to prevent it from drying out and cracking. The lips must be well hydrated so that the wind does not dry them.

Also take care of the soap you use in your baby's bath, because in the winter months it dries the skin even harder. It uses a mild soap and hot water, not hot.

If the air in the house is too dry, put a humidifier in the child's room, so that neither the skin nor its nasal passages will dry.

Recommendations of the Napati store

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