3 things to know if you eat chocolate in pregnancy

3 things to know if you eat chocolate in pregnancy

According to studies, women can consume chocolate during pregnancy. Research shows that babies whose mothers did not abstain from chocolate during pregnancy, are more active and react more positively, smiling and laughing.

Chocolate does not affect the body of the pregnant woman or the fetus in the womb, if it is chosen properly and is not consumed in excess. This is why you need to consider 3 important elements when enjoying this delight.

Chocolate contains caffeine

If you like the taste of chocolate and do not want to give up this sweet, especially on holidays, it would be best to skip over a cup of coffee at the beginning of the day. Chocolate contains caffeine and, while the amount of caffeine in chocolate is relatively low, the amount can increase with the swallowing of several tablets. The caffeine content differs depending on the assortment of the chocolate, so it is advisable to choose a tablet that contains as few "unhealthy" ingredients.

Chocolate contains sugar and fat

Chocolate is mainly composed of sugar and fat. While pregnant women should consume more calories than women who are not pregnant, if calorie control is related to chocolate, you should know that it is important that this weight gain be healthy.

If you have gestational diabetes or have a history of gestational diabetes, it is best to eliminate chocolate with other simple carbohydrates.

Choose carefully the chocolate

There are several assortments of chocolate available, especially on holidays. Some chocolate candies are filled with different jellies and others are sweet but contain very little sugar, offering a bitter, richer taste. Dark chocolate tends to have fewer calories than sweets, but not all pregnant women prefer the bitter taste of this type of chocolate. If you eat milk chocolate, you should limit your intake to just a few squares, compared to the bitter one.

It is perfectly acceptable for healthy pregnant women to eat chocolate. If there are medical conditions that could be aggravated by consuming large amounts of sugar or fat, it is best to remove these sweets from your daily diet.

*** Article written by Dr. Silviu Istoc, chief obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery and at the ProVita Clinic. You can read more details on and on the Facebook page

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