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The Zurli Theater returns with the Autumn Story show!

The Zurli Theater returns with the Autumn Story show!

The Zurli Theater returns with the Autumn Story show!

Saturday, September 21, 11:00 am at Puzzle Cafe
Sunday, September 22, 10:30 and 12:00 at the Romanian Peasant Museum

Autumn has arrived, the school is starting and the Zurli Theater, a children's theater, is back! With entertaining and entertaining performances, colorful costumes, playful characters, music to the taste of children and a lot of good cheer!

White as Snow, The three pigs, Pinocchio, the shoemaker, Cinderella and the rest of the characters loved by the little ones come back with wise words, tasty replies and always a valuable lesson. , how can we avoid dangers or what hygiene rules to follow in order to be healthy.

Autumn brings us beautiful colors, delicious fruits and vegetables and comes with the haze that announces the cold winter. In the show "Autumn Story" the Zurli girl discovers autumn with all its ingredients.

On a beautiful day, among the leaves of rust, Fetita Zurli is from FRUNZA, her good friend, the story of the leaves and she is confronted with the fuzziness of the Fox. The mischievous Cumatra manages to get hold of the basket of fruits and vegetables, but the Fairy Zana knows how scared the Fox is.
The children participate in an exercise of knowledge and recognition of fruits and vegetables and learn the seasons and months of the year. To the joy of all, right under their eyes, Fetita Zurli learn how to build a scarecrow.
A show filled with many songs and interactive games, a challenge at a fun autumn lesson.
At the Zurli Theater performances, children's theater, the children are the ones who bring their parents to the theater, the little ones dance before the performance and the big ones applaud them with all their soul. In the end, everyone receives sweets.
The price of a ticket is 10 lei for children and 15 lei for adults. Children under two years old do not pay entry!

Information and reservations at the phone number 0728. 295. 872 or the e-mail address [email protected]

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