7 crafts for Easter children, from recycled things

7 crafts for Easter children, from recycled things

Easter holidays are coming up with fast paces and you are already thinking about patterns for laid eggs! But there are other fun activities, with the Easter theme, which you can do with the children and the family. That way, not only do you get into the holiday spirit, but also spend quality moments with your loved ones. You can make DIY from paper, cotton and other recyclable materials, which you would be tempted to throw away.

Here are some crafts for Easter for the whole family:

1. Fluffy rabbits from cardboard plates

To make a fluffy rabbit, you need a cardboard plate, several cotton wool balls, glue, scissors, pencil, ruler, pink marker, black marker and adhesive tape. Cotton tickets can be cut in half or used as such if you want your rabbit to come out very fluffy. For starters, divide the plate into two. At the top, draw the body of the rabbit and cut it, so that the bottom remains trapped and can be bent.

He then draws on the pieces of cardboard the ears, lips, eyes and nose. Cut and color them, using pink and black markers. Then invite the children to stick the cotton balls on the body of the rabbit. At the end, stick the ears on the back of the cardboard, and the lips, nose and eyes, on the cotton balls.

2. Honeymoon Handprint

Here is a manual work activity, ideal for preschoolers. On a black or brown cardboard, draw the outline of your hand and then cut it out. Then glue the balls of cotton, cut in two or whole. At the end, he draws on the shape of his thumb the eyes and mouth of the lamb.

3. Footprint rabbit ears

You didn't have time to make any craft and Easter beats at the door? No worries, you can quickly make some rabbit ears by locking your feet - properly, in the paint. The little ones will have lots of fun with this project. Here's how you can make Rabbit Ears Footprint: Put paint on the little boy's soles and invite him to walk on a colored cardboard. You can use white, pink, or black paint depending on the contrast paper.

After you make your fingerprints, stick a white single-use plate on the cardboard that you have drawn the eyes, mustaches and mouth of the rabbit. For the eyes you can use buttons, and for the boot and mustache, cardboard colored in pink, cut and glued to the bottom of the plate.

4. Colored eggs from cardboard

If you have egg cartons in the house, do not throw them out. Cut them in line - five or three - and invite your children to paint them in what colors they want. Once the paint has dried, suggest gluing beads, balls or multicolored rhinestones to the top of the formwork. They will get some wonderful craft.

5. Custom cardboard baskets

Here's another fun and simple project to do. You only need cardboard plates, glues, cartons for drawing and stickers. Cut a cardboard plate in half and have the children glue it on it or draw it as their imagination dictates. You can even suggest them write their name on it. Then take another plate, draw it diagonally and cut only a half circle, without cutting its edge. Then stick the first cut plate over the second and you will get the prettiest basket, drawn by the hand of your children.

6. Chicken board with sponge chickens

Who would have thought that you could create Easter craft with just a few sponges and tempera colors? This project is based on the idea that most creations are made from simple shapes. The sponges break the pieces and mix with the tempera-type watercolors, in white and yellow colors. First, the circles are made for the ends of the weights. For beakers, children can use triangle-shaped sponge cut.

Then, with the help of a brush, you can draw points for the eyes, feet, orange hair and grass. The paintings thus obtained can be given to grandparents and relatives or they can be framed, to decorate the room of the little ones.

7. Holders for Puisor and Rabbit candies

Nothing is simpler than decorating two cardboard glasses, one yellow and one white, with two eyes, a beak, a boot and a ear and a foot. Inside the white glass with rabbit ears you can put the pink guard, and in the yellow one, you can arrange as many feathers with fluff.

Enhance the decor!

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