5 toys made with what you have at hand through the house

5 toys made with what you have at hand through the house

Stimulate your imagination and your children by creating with them interesting things from what you have at hand. Specifically glue, colored paper, thread or string, cardboard and anything else can be recycled. Think together about some things that would be useful to you, whether they are accessories for accessories or even toys. Then put your imagination to the test.

If you still have no idea what you could create with your child, we offer some suggestions. All the toys below can be designed on a relaxing afternoon, and the little one will be delighted by the time you spend together.


Is your child already dreaming on a stage, at a music festival, but still too young to handle an instrument? Make him one to imitate a guitar, for example.

You need:

- an empty box of cereals;
- an empty box from spaghetti;
- a cutter;
- several colored elastic bands;
- cork plugs;
- paint;
- brush.

Paint the boxes first. It would be preferable to have a brown or a yellow color, so that the toy looks more like a real guitar. Then cut one of the girls in the cereal box a circle. It grips the elastics along the length of the big box, so that it passes through the round hole. Attach the spaghetti box to the cereal box using glue. This way you create the guitar neck.

Draw a line along its length to mimic the strings. At the top, pierce the box, making three holes on one side and three on the other through which to insert the corks. Fix a half plastic straw under the rubber bands to create a bridge.

Ready, you got a guitar with which your little one will have fun!

The puppet

You can turn the cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towels into a very cute puppet.

Here's what you need:

- two tubes from the toilet paper;
- paint;
- brush;
- 2 ice cream sticks;
- elastic;
- a perforator;
- string;
- scissors;
- glue;
- decorative eyes.

Color the cardboard tubes with paint and then let them dry. Cut one of the pieces in two: one side will be the head, and the other will make the ears. Cut the ears, then attach them to the end of the tube that forms the head. The two ice cream sticks stick in the form of the letter X. It then perforates the tube that forms the body so that you get the holes where the puppy's feet will be caught. Pass pieces of twine through the holes, then knit them at the ends.

On the opposite side of the tube that forms the body, make two holes in one end and the other and pass through them a long wire about 1 meter. It also passes the thread through the tube that forms the puppy's head, then grabs the ends of one of the ice cream sticks. Close his eyes and put the puppet-puppet in motion.

The boat

A boat with sails, which will float in the dock or in the tub with water, will surely delight the little one! It is also very simple to do.

Here's what you need:

- an empty milk box;
- paint;
- brush;
- cutter;
- a wooden chop (can be one of those used for fridges);
- up to;
- an old plastic cover;
- tape;
- 2 caps from plastic bottles;
- adhesive;
- a cork stopper.

It cuts an oval hole on one of the lengths of the milk box. Paint the box and let it dry. It infects the wooden chisel right at one end of the oval hole. At the end that pierced the box, infuse a cork from the cork, then secure it with glue.

It cuts a triangle from an old plastic cover and sticks to the chisel that forms the mast. From the top end there is a thread that lets it fall on the deck. Decorate the outside of the boat with plastic caps.

A windmill

A windmill looks like a little house, except it has a propeller ... Well, you can explain to your child much better how they worked and what windmills used to make one out of paper.

What do you need:

- a tubular box from the chips;
- two cardboard tubes from the toilet paper;
- a cardboard disc with a diameter of 3 centimeters;
- adhesive;
- 4 ice cream sticks;
- paint;
- colored paper;
- scissors.

To make the propellers, cut each cardboard tube in half, lengthwise. Color it and let the pieces dry. Color the box of chips with yellow paint. With a cutter, cut windows and a door. At the top, catch a colored paper cone that will hold the roof. Glue one crumb to the back of each propeller, then attach them with glue to the top of the cardboard box. Above, in the place where the four cracks join, apply the cardboard disk.

The rocket

Many children dream astronauts, so you can create, together with the little ones, a space rocket.

You need:

- a cardboard tube from paper towels;
- paint;
- aluminum foil;
- adhesive;
- clothes hooks;
- pieces of tulle;
- sticker;
- scissors.

Paint the cardboard tube and let it dry. Cut a semicircle out of paper and roll it so that you get a cone, which you attach with adhesive. Wrap it in metallic foil and install it at one end of the cardboard tube. Paint in different colors and hooks.

Then attach them to the other end of the tube. Insert the pieces of red and yellow tulle into the tube, taking care to get out most of them. These will take the place of the flames. Decorate the rocket with stickers or pieces of metallic foil.

These simple activities of manual work, besides stimulating the imagination of the little one, also help you to spend quality time with him.

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