Men make mistakes when it comes to sex

Men make mistakes when it comes to sex

Men often think of gods in bed and have the impression that they do nothing wrong when it comes to partner satisfaction. Precisely because of the desire to be better in bed or out of zeal, men tend to miss when it comes to sex. Many partners avoid talking to them about these failures or pretend they have orgasms and are happy.

Mistakes that men make in bed

Here are some of the most common mistakes that men make in the bedroom!

Skip the prelude

One of the main complaints of the partners is related to the absence of the prelude. Many men are so quick to move on to the sexual act itself, that they forget that part of the pleasure comes from the sexual touching, eating, and playing that takes place prior to penetration.

They believe the best in bed

There is no man to say he is not good in bed. But the problem is not just that I say it, but I believe it, when, often, they are very far from the truth.

Even if a man has sexual performance worthy of the envy of others and has amazing techniques to satisfy his partners, it is not advisable to "take it into his head." It is important to not only rely on what they know or believe is good, but also on what the partner wants and to "communicate" at this level.

They rush to ejaculate

Some men are more selfish in bed than others and do not consider their partner, but only their personal needs or pleasure. They get to ejaculate far too early, and the partner remains dissatisfied.

Insist on the same positions

Also out of selfishness and desire to feel good, some men get to have sex in the positions they like most, regardless of the desires of their partners in this regard.

It is important to have communication in bed and sometimes compromises, so that both partners feel good and achieve sexual pleasure every time they have sex.

I'm talking too much or not talking about sex at all

It is not advisable to talk too much about sex, but not to bring the subject, not even in bed, when the environment is conducive to such a thing.

Communication between partners is one of the secrets of a successful sexual relationship. Sharing preferences in the bedroom, honest and open communication, all can help improve sexual performance and satisfy both partners in bed.

It does not focus on other erogenous points

Many men have the impression that only the clitoris is the area of ​​maximum pleasure for women and focuses only on that area, in an attempt to satisfy her and provoke her orgasm. In fact, women have several areas where they are aroused when stimulated.

Therefore, communication between partners is essential for the success of a sexual act. While in some women, the most intense erogenous area is on the neck, in others it is on the breasts, abdomen, ears or other areas. Men should explore all these areas if they want to bring their partners into ecstasy.

What other mistakes do men make when it comes to sex? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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