Help your child use the public toilet!

Help your child use the public toilet!

The use of the public toilet is an essential skill, which the children have to learn as a child, but which gives parents a big headache. They do not even get to learn how to use the toilet in the house, as they see themselves put in the situation to explain how to use a public bathroom correctly, which has completely different rules than those already presented to children. In an attempt to explain to them that they have to enter the toilets based on sex and that they are not allowed to sit with their smiles on their coats, it might confuse their children to understand nothing more! How are you doing?

Teach him to recognize public toilets, by sex!

As the child grows up and goes out with him in public, there will often be situations where he will need to go to the toilet.

It is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the public toilets and to teach them to recognize their sign. Also, show them what are the universal signs for girls 'and boys' baths, so that in time to remember where to enter.

From preschool upwards, you can begin to familiarize him with such information, because he is able to retain them, if you repeat them constantly.

Teach him the special hygiene rules that public toilets impose!

One thing is for sure! The child cannot use the public toilet as he does at home. Explain to them that in such bathrooms there are far more germs and germs than at home and that it is advisable to stay as far away from them as possible.

Repeat them constantly and insist that he is not allowed to sit with his ass directly on the coil used by all kinds of unknown people. Tell him that if he needs to sit down, he always wears the toilet paper before or in the special disposable foil that exists in most of these locations and only then sits down. It is important to be persistent with this rule, in order to prevent the little one from getting sick of all sorts of very dangerous infections.

Then, remind them how important it is to wash their hands after using the toilet and not to open the door directly with the handle, but to use a towel, which they then throw into a basket outside the public bathroom. There are a lot of germs on the public bathroom floor that could make you sick.

Go with him to the toilet to show him how to do it!

In theory, the child will not understand exactly how and what to do in a public toilet. It is important to go with him several times before he goes alone in such a bath.

Initially, help him to follow all the steps, then, as time goes by, just be a witness, letting him do it alone. Correct it and help it only where it is wrong or forgetful and praise it every time it respects what you have learned.

Did you start teaching your child to use the public toilet? At what age do you think it is advisable to do it? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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