Magical kindergarten, children grow better with other children

Magical kindergarten, children grow better with other children

The kindergarten where we have time for each child, in which the hours spent with us are full of magic, an endless source of joy for the little ones, where all activities are done indifferently, with gentleness, gentleness and much love. We enrich the little ones morally and emotionally by teaching them and exhorting them through play.

We propose an interdisciplinary approach to the content by our teachers and the opening of our kindergarten to the community.

The applied educational program is based on the national curriculum to which the study of English is added, as well as multiple extracurricular educational activities (painting workshop, company dances, thematic visits and many others).

Magica kindergarten is arranged in a modern villa, renovated this year. We have 5 spacious and bright group rooms, locker room for each child, own kitchen, medical office, psycho-pedagogical cabinet, music room, ballet room, sports hall with motility elements.

Both the chosen furniture and the teaching materials, games and toys meet the requirements formulated in the "Hygiene norms regarding the requirements for the care, education and training of children".