From February 1, the minimum allowance and insertion incentive are increased

From February 1, the minimum allowance and insertion incentive are increased

Increases the minimum monthly allowance granted to persons in childcare leave, but also the insertion incentive. The increase takes place from 1 February 2017, when the national minimum wage will increase. So, the minimum allowance will be 1,232.5 lei.

From July 2016, the new law on the leave and the monthly allowance for child rearing came into force. Mothers or fathers who stay home with babies receive, for two years, 85% of the average of the net income realized in 12 months, consecutive or not, worked during the last two years before the birth of the child.

The law that regulates the amount of childcare allowance provides that it cannot be less than 85% of the gross minimum wage in the country. And the Government has approved the increase of the minimum wage on the economy, which will be, from February 1, 1,450 lei, which means that the minimum allowance will be recalculated. Thus, if so far, the minimum allowance was 1,062.5 lei, that is 85% of the 1,250 lei, as it is at this moment the minimum wage on the economy, once with February 1, the minimum allowance will reach the value of 1,232.5 lei, that is 85% of 1,450 lei. This means an increase of 170 lei. The leave and, implicitly, the allowance for the raising of the child can benefit either parent.

The condition is that the applicant has obtained taxable income for at least 12 months in the last two years prior to the child's birth. The duration of the leave to raise the child is unique: two years.

The insertion stimulus is also increased

Parents wishing to return to work before the child's parental leave is terminated receive an insertion incentive. It is worth 50% of the minimum allowance. With the increase of the minimum wage to 1,450 lei, the insertion stimulus will increase from 532 lei, as it is now, to 616.25 lei.

The insertion stimulus is given to persons who return to work at least 60 days before the child reaches the age of 2 years. The mother receives the incentive until the child reaches the age of 3 years.

Baby Trouser could be introduced

Former Ministers of Labor and Health, Dragos Pislaru and Vlad Voiculescu, addressed a joint letter to the Minister of European Funds, Dragos Dinu, before handing over his mandate. the introduction of the "Kit for newborns", granted to mothers belonging to vulnerable social groups.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the proposal aims to introduce the measure in the Operational Program Helping the Disadvantaged Persons 2014 - 2020, whose modification is to be sent to the European Commission, one of the objectives of this program being to support the disadvantaged people by distributing food and basic material assistance. "

Granting the kits for newborns will be a real support for vulnerable families, providing them with the minimum necessary for the raising and care of the child in the first trimester of life, hygiene, but also its safety.

Also, the measure could contribute to the decrease of the number of abandoned children in the maternity ward, as well as of the number of deaths in the first year of the child's life, ensuring the monitoring of the health status by the family doctor and by the community nurses " , it is specified in the press release. The kits for the newborns are granted for every birth, in maternity, for mothers at social risk or from vulnerable groups, identified by the social worker or the person with social assistance duties in the maternity ward. It can be used as a bed, and the kit will also contain diapers, clothes, information guide for mothers, including breastfeeding.

The estimated value of the kit is 450 lei, and the final list of content will be decided by a group of experts from the Mother and Child Institute, "says the source. In total, 120,000 mothers at risk and social exclusion could leave the maternity ward in the next four years. , with this kit.

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