Perfect with fruit and rosemary

Perfect with fruit and rosemary

The perfume with fruit and rosemary is an extremely interesting dessert, inspired by French cuisine.

Preparation time

30 minutes + 4 hours (refrigerator)




50 g candied orange peel

50 g candied lemon peel

fresh rosemary

80 g old powder

500 g of natural fat yogurt

Method of preparation

Take the rosemary leaves as they enter a spoon, finely chop them, then mix with the powdered sugar. Leave them in a bowl until the next day.

Cut the orange and lemon peel as low as you can.

In a large bowl, mix the yogurt with the candied fruit, incorporate the powdered sugar and mix a little. Put the composition in a plastic form, which you give in the freezer for several hours.

Shortly before bringing the dessert to the table, put the form in boiling water, let it thaw, then roll it on a platter.

Serves the perfect rosemary leaf decoration.

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