Real-time dental aesthetics, dental innovation at Neoclinique

Real-time dental aesthetics, dental innovation at Neoclinique

Dental Clinic Neoclinique On 28-29 November 2016, the Union organized, during a special event, demonstrations of the application of composite facets that simulate the application process of ceramic facets or type crowns. SKYN - the new and revolutionary concept of dental aesthetics that offers a perfect smile, but at the same time natural. This is an important step in the quick and pleasant process of aesthetic consultation offered by Neoclinique, which results in the physical sample of the individual smile, realized by the specialists of the dental clinic.

Since the beginning of this year, Neoclinique offers dental services in a single day, using the computer system CAD / CAM CEREC. It is used by doctors to perform dental prosthetics work for patients who have very little time available, eliminating all the classic unpleasant steps: fingerprints, samples, many visits to a dentist (up to 2-3 weeks for a single tooth). .

The dental clinic of Bucharest Neoclinique offers dedicated counseling with the help KPG (Key Patient Guide), a new concept in dentistry and an important step towards idealistic solutions and services offered to the patient. This exclusive service appeared in response to the communication needs of patients and consists of a representative of the clinic who holds all the necessary information for the patient, forming a bridge between him and the doctor. The representative helps the patient make the best decisions, dedicates himself to his problems and takes care to ensure an excellent quality of services and communication until the end of the treatment.

During the dental aesthetics consultation, the patient goes through the following stages:

• The first step in this process is the discussion of the problems and wishes of the patient with the specialist, the clinical consultation, but also a panoramic x-ray and a set of photographs for medical purposes.

• The second step involves a discussion with the specialist about the plan proposed by him, visualization of the digital simulation of the ideal smile, realized with the help of DSD (Digital Smile Design), but also the physical application of composite facets exactly as in digital simulation, dental facets that will be like a test drive, showing the patient the final result.

Starting with December 2016, Neoclinique will be the first and only clinic in the world that will replace the classic syringe used for anesthesia, with a computerized local anesthesia system, painless, 100% comfortable for the patient, thus eliminating the fear of classical injection from the start, going to a dentist becomes relaxing.

About the Neoclinic Dental Clinic

For 10 years, the Neoclinique Dental Clinic has been providing services that are completely dedicated to the patient and personalized according to his wishes and needs. By 2016, the team of over 40 people in the clinic treated more than 35,000 patients. This is one of the few dental clinics in Bucharest that also has weekend hours, respectively Monday-Saturday between 8-21 am, both in Neoclinique Unirii (Th. Sperantia Street 14, et. 1, Sector 3), as well as in Neoclinique Military (Rosia Montana 6, Sector 6).

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