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Stuff it in the baby

Stuff it in the baby


- My nine-month-old daughter is crouched, she disappears and the crumple appears. She was consulted; in the throat, as it is seen, it is not red; could he have polyps? Is it advisable to have a laryngoscopy?


Tummy tuck (dysphonia) is a disturbance of the sounds emitted by the vocal cords and is characteristic of the larynx disorders: acute and chronic laryngitis, laryngeal trauma, laryngeal chemical burns, paralysis of the vocal cords, benign or malignant tumors of the larynx, foreign intralaryngeal bodies, malformations etc. .

But most commonly, hoarseness appears as a symptom in acute and chronic laryngitis, which are inflammations of the larynx for various causes (viral, bacterial, chemical, etc.).

Factors favoring laryngitis are: environmental noxiousness (smoke, dust, toxic gases), cold and moisture, overheated air, liver or kidney disease, rhinosinus inflammation, adenoid vegetation (nasal polyps), vocal exertion (crying or prolonged typing).

You did not specify whether your baby girl was consulted by an ENT specialist or if she had any other symptoms; Given that this hoarseness appears and disappears for some time, it may be caused by a chronic laryngeal disease, which may be favored by the presence of adenoid vegetation (polyps), but this can only be established by a consult your ENT.

In general, any hoarseness that exceeds 3-4 weeks should be investigated by an ENT specialist.

Laryngoscopy is a method of visualizing the larynx, is part of the ENT consultation and is necessary to diagnose laryngeal disorders; indirect laryngoscopy (with the help of special mirrors) or direct (with instruments inserted into the larynx) can be performed.

In young children it is sometimes quite difficult to perform these maneuvers, so the ENT doctor, depending on the symptoms and other data obtained after the clinical examination, can decide if laryngoscopy is necessary.

Alina Pop-Began
- Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care-

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