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3 out of 4 mothers neglect their own person in favor of children and their life partner

3 out of 4 mothers neglect their own person in favor of children and their life partner

3 out of 4 mothers neglect their own person in favor of children and their life partner

- The event "Parents with Wings, Children with Flying" proposes a new approach in parenting and draws parents' attention to the importance of taking care of themselves;

- The event is organized by GMP PR in partnership with the Save Parents Association under the aegis of the "Protect Together Childhood" campaign

GMP PR and the Save the Parents Association announce the start of registrations for the first event dedicated to the new generation of parents within the "Let's Protect Together Childhood" initiative, which has been supported by specialists in psychology and psychotherapy.

The event "Parents with Wings, Children with Flying" will take place on Saturday, October 29, at Impact Hub Bucharest and will approach parenting from a new perspective, different from the ones so far - starting from the idea of ​​being a fulfilled parent. , who takes care of himself and himself, transmits the well-being further to the child.

The initiative comes in the context where studies show that parents increasingly neglect their own needs or personal interests. The specialists point out that the parents' emotional problems have a significant impact on the emotional health of the children and the couple's relationships.

An international study shows that, on average, mothers only spend 17 minutes a day for their own needs only.

51% of the 2000 mothers surveyed said they would go through weeks without a minute of relaxation

3 out of 4 mothers tend to focus on other people to the detriment of their own

Psychologists point out that modern pressures to be a perfect parent, a model husband, to maintain a career in parallel, allow the parent less and less time with themselves and often lead to emotional isolation or so-called "parental depression" .

Among the problems that will be addressed in the workshops from the event include: parental insecurity, degradation of couple relationships with the arrival of the child, ignoring their own interests in favor of children - all modern challenges more and more common in families today.

The event will include applied workshops held by psychologists, on the topics:

Parents and personal preparation for meeting their children

Problems and challenges of the parent alone or who feels alone in the family

Couple problems when children appear

Orientation in the child's life: from the desire of the parent to the power of the child

What are the signs of the parents' spiritual problems and the implications on the children

Entries can be made within the limits of the places available on the site // or by email at [email protected]

Today, there is a lot of talk about children's education, but very little about parenting. The parent and the child develop in the common environment of the family, and the emotional problems of the parent can be easily perceived by the children, even if only at an unconscious level. It is important to treat the problems of emotional health with the same care that we deal with physical health, especially since they can be seemingly invisible or ignored by parents, "says psychologist Lavinia Tankulescu, President of the Association Save Parents.

The complete program of the event and many details are available on

About the campaign "To protect the childhood together"

The Romanian Parent Education Campaign was launched by the Romanian Pediatric Society in 2012 with the support of GMP PR, with the aim of providing parents with only informed information from specialists for healthier children. is the first online platform where parents and prospective mothers can find informed information and receive advice directly from specialist doctors on pediatric, nutrition, psychology, safety and other topics.

During the campaign, unique initiatives were launched, such as the first free home visits program for nurses for new parents, the first guide that aligns vaccination practices in Romania with European ones or nutrition and health workshops in kindergartens.