Naturally clears the signs of aging around the eyes

Naturally clears the signs of aging around the eyes

APIVITA launches 5-Action Eye Serum, with white lily extract

A bright and radiant look is the ideal of beauty of any woman, but most of the time, factors such as fatigue and aging determine the appearance of wrinkles, circles or bags around the eyes.

APIVITA presents 5-ACTION EYE SERUM - precious drops of beauty that erase the signs of fatigue and aging in the sensitive area of ​​the eyes.

With 96% natural ingredientThe serum aims to restore a healthy and beautiful look and improve all the aesthetic damage of the skin in the eye area, offering a unique treatment, based on strong active ingredients, such as:

- White lily extract, with anti-inflammatory and lipolytic action, which reduces the bags under the eyes and the circles, offering hydration to the skin;

- Copper complex: increases the vitality of fibroblasts and collagen, acting on the wrinkles around the eyes and contributing to the firmness of the skin;

- Infusion of 3 species of Greek mountain tea (patent), which replaced the water of the formula, with a strong antioxidant role, which enhances the hydration and photo-protection properties of the product;

- Propolis patented extract: being a exclusive innovation APIVITA, it effectively protects against premature aging.

5-ACTION EYE SERUM improves the firmness of the upper eyelid, smooths wrinkles, softens the signs of fatigue (circles, bags), moisturizes sensitive skin around the eyes and gives brightness to this area. The gaze becomes more relaxed and visibly rejuvenated.

Price: 174.99 lei

OPHTHALMOLOGICAL TEST, Without parabens, silicon, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, mineral oil, ethanolamine, phthalates.

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