Cervical erosion (neck injury): symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment

Cervical erosion (neck injury): symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment

Cervical erosion is caused by chronic infections, unusual pH balance, increased estrogen levels and trauma. It is an inflammation of the cells of the cervix, which occurs when the squamous cells from the opening of the urinary tract turn into columnar cells.

"This causes irritation, redness and inflammation and is sometimes impossible to distinguish from temporary cervical cancer. This problem brings with it a number of symptoms, such as abnormal secretions, cases of infertility, back pain, bleeding, but others depending on body and how it manifests itself in certain conditions, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecology primary physician.

What are the causes?

Any woman may suffer from cervical erosion, although it is more common in women during the fertile years. This may have different causes, but it may come from infections, carcinoma or other traumas, such as that caused during multiple births. It is also caused by chronic and acute infections.

"This inflammation could affect even young women if they use contraceptive pills. With these, some women tend to use intravaginal devices for extended periods of time, such as internal tampons that are another cause of cervical injury. Also, women who have multiple pregnancies, start their sexual life too early or have poor hygiene, have a higher percentage of suffering from this condition, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Symptoms of cervical erosion

"This gynecological problem is very common in my patients, which it detects after routine control. However, many women show no symptoms, even if the disease is in an advanced stage. But there are some symptoms that may coincide with other gynecological problems, such as difficulty in urination, pain or bleeding after intercourse, vaginal discharge or leukorrhea, ”explains Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Even if one Pap test does not accurately indicate what is the current problem, a thorough control is the solution to detect this condition, which is often silent. Cervical erosion causes infections, which are more common in epithelium, because they create ideal conditions for internal organisms to develop. This is how the cervix begins to turn red and become grainy.

Other symptoms include:

- neck pain;

- cervical pain

- alergic reactions;

- redness of the eyes;

- abdominal pain;

- bleeding after sexual intercourse;

- changes in the menstrual cycle;

- burns;

- back pain.


Sometimes no specific treatment is recommended, especially for women who are not symptomatic. However, if the person presents with pain, complications and specific symptoms, such as vaginal discharge or leukorrhea, bleeding after intercourse and problems with urine flow, a specific treatment is recommended to prevent possible infections and other complications.

"Some treatments include specific medications, but there are advanced cases where the only solution is cervical or laser cauterization. On the other hand, women who have this infection and are not yet sexually active should go to the specialist doctor. to check the health of the genital tract. At present, any negative results of the Pap test must be thoroughly investigated, in order to prevent the occurrence and aggravation of genital disorders, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Although the wound does not cause a problem per se, it must be treated because it can lead to many other problems, depending on the size of the wound. This does not prevent pregnancy, but can cause serious problems during pregnancy, especially as pregnant women are more prone to infections. Do not leave your health to chance and visit your gynecologist regularly.

Dr. Silviu Istoc is a primary obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery and at the ProVita Clinic. More details can be read on and on the Facebook page: //