Baneasa Shopping City - All In The Name Of Fashion

Baneasa Shopping City - All In The Name Of Fashion

Because fashion is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Baneasa Shopping City DNA, your favorite shopping destination approaches this autumn with a new communication strategy and starts a rebranding campaign - All In The Name Of Fashion.

The central reference element of the campaign is the superlative fashion, this being supported by the unique mix of brands and the memorable experience that Baneasa Shopping City offers.

More than style, accessories or clothing, fashion is a way of being, expressing your personality and providing a visual definition of the states you go through. However, when we talk about fashion all the rules are made to be broken, except one: the one that says that no matter what attitude or style you want to approach, the choices express our feelings and personality.

Whether you are glamorous, casual or Rock n Roll, either you are no longer in happy skin or having a difficult day, or you are introverted or you like being in the spotlight, everything is allowed… In The Name of Fashion !

"The new campaign is an exhortation to our clients to express their experiences. When we say fashion we talk not only about clothes and accessories, but also about living in a superlative way all aspects of life, be it culinary, cinematic or artistic experiences. Each of us is free to express his feelings regardless of the nature of the personality. Through everything we do, we want to keep our promise to customers, to provide them with unique experiences and to continually exceed their expectations. ”States Alexandru Bogdan, Marketing Director, Baneasa Developments.

In terms of visual identity, the rebranding process also refers to the Baneasa Shopping City logo, which this autumn emphasizes contrast and minimalism.

Moreover, this fall, Baneasa Shopping City invites you to express your creativity through Fashion Graffiti Wall (10 -11.09; 24 -25.09) that allows you to personalize your photos with the help of the graphic designer, virtual accessories and "All in the name of fashion" messages.

The fashion show directed by stylist Ovidiu Buta is not to be missed, an event that will take place on September 14, at 8:00 pm, during which the limited edition collection will be launched- "Its OK to… ALL IN THE NAME OF FASHION ”.

Baneasa Shopping City customers will be able to win items from this collection in the "Jack in the bag" (17 -18.09; 08 -09.10), an innovative surprise installation, or they will be able to capture their emotions in a unique t-shirt collection within the series of events "Show Your Feelings" (01 -02.10).