ParkLake - the meeting place for relaxed mothers

ParkLake - the meeting place for relaxed mothers

The little one wants ice cream, to swing and play with children his age. The big one wants to go to the new movie with 3D robots. Your husband wants for an eternity to eat a meal cooked by a chef, just like in his favorite cooking show.

And you are divided between the desire to get new shoes and make some moves. And if there were a walk in the park or a picnic on the grass it would be perfect. Surprisingly, from September 1st you can do all this in one place, at ParkLake.

Discover the only shopping center where all the fun is in one place for the whole family: cinemas, playgrounds, restaurants, paddle tennis courts and walks or picnics in the park which is a natural extension of the mall.

Come to ParkLake starting September 1st and redefine how you spend time with your family!