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At work with an advanced pregnancy, as dangerous as smoking?

At work with an advanced pregnancy, as dangerous as smoking?

A study published by the University of Essex shows a dangerous connection between going to work and the last month of pregnancy, a danger that could be comparable to the effect of smoking on the fetus. Find out what the danger of the service is for the advanced task.

The British study used data collected by 3 other major UK and US research and shows a clear link between going to work after the 8th month of pregnancy and the weight of the baby at birth.

Dangers of the service for the advanced task

The results of the research show that mothers who continued to work after the 8th month of pregnancy gave birth to babies with an average weight of 230 g less than those who went on leave between the 6th and 8th months.

British researchers have also found a link between mother's education level and the effects of service on advanced pregnancy. Women with lower levels of education, who generally have more physically demanding jobs, have been the most affected by work in recent weeks of pregnancy.

Young mothers are out of danger. The results of the statistical analysis show that for women over 24 years of age, the weight of the baby at birth was not affected by labor in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Data collected by the British from Essex University combined studies from the British Household Panel Survey, which included data on the birth of 1,339 babies, with US studies, data on 17,483 babies born between 2000-2001, along with 12,166 other babies. born between 1970 and 1995. The study was published in the Journal of Labor Economics, published by the University of Chicago.

How does birth weight affect the development of the baby?

The weight of the baby at birth is considered increasingly important by neonatologists. Low birth weight babies can have many health problems and slower development. In addition, the effects of low birth weight include many health problems that appear later.

"We know that birth weight is an important factor for many aspects of further development, including lower chances of completing higher education, lower incomes, and a higher mortality rate. It is important to reflect on how the leave is granted. maternity, given that resting in advanced pregnancy seems to offer important benefits, "explained Prof. Marco Francesconi, one of the authors of the study, quoted by

Service in the last month of pregnancy, as dangerous as smoking

The service after the 8th month is associated with the slower development of the fetus in the womb, which leads to a lower birth weight, the situation observed and the smoking mothers.

Smoking during pregnancy has long been considered a risk factor for the health of the fetus, but recent research may show that a healthy lifestyle is not sufficient for women with advanced pregnancy, as they continue to work after the first month. 8th.

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