Grape peel

Grape peel

The grape peel is very aromatic and looks like a way of preparing with the peel peel.

Preparation time

180 minutes




2 kg grapes (choice - white or black)

1 kg old

1 lemon

Method of preparation

Loosen the stems on the bunches and wash them thoroughly. Then put in a pot of grapes with the sugar and place on the stove, until the sugar melts and the syrup becomes color. In the meantime, prepare a sieve and a bowl.

You must pass through the sieve of the grapes and the syrup formed, using a wooden spoon. Crush the grapes, until only the seeds and shells remain in the sieve.

The syrup with the pulp from the grapes is boiled again with the slices of lemon until you get the desired consistency. It may be more fluid or you can let it boil until it becomes like a gel.

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