LA REDOUTE, launch of the autumn-winter 2012-2013 collection

LA REDOUTE, launch of the autumn-winter 2012-2013 collection

Fashion a la Francaise!

At the beginning of August 2012, La Redoute brand launched your invitation to discover, in a chic and intimate atmosphere, the latest trends of the French fashion season.

For autumn-winter 2012-2013, La Redoute presents both the in-house collections, following the already recognizable and infused line with the defining stylistic elements of the season, as well as the limited edition collections, designed by the invited designers.

The trends for autumn 2012 - winter 2013 by are: NOBLESSE QUOTIDIENNE, ETHNIC REMIX and CHIC ROCK.

For DAILY WEDDING we have a very relaxed and seemingly negligent look that leaves this autumn to an extreme, studied elegance, which finds its ideal modes of expression, by appealing to a minimum of stylistic artifices and to noble, sophisticated materials. The silhouettes and shapes descended gracefully from the archives stretched over three decades (50s, 60s, 70s), create a new femininity, deeply anchored in the urban environment, which embraces the small, precious little details hidden in the design of the garments.

The ETHNIC REMIX collection It comes with the comfort and lightness of knitwear that joins this autumn with ethnic prints, in a mix that transgresses the barrier of trends and that takes us in turn in fascinating Morocco, in the middle of the African jungle or in the northern realms. The prints and motifs specific to each area of ​​inspiration play perhaps the most important role on the fashion scene in autumn-winter 2012-2013, when the obsessions are left on the one hand and when the strongly imprinted individuals begin to emerge.

CHIC ROCK brings the spirit of rock, found for several seasons on the podiums of fashion, it also covers autumn-winter 2012-2013, but in a much more refined and strongly imprinted by femininity. The look is purified by the punk-grunge elements and the accents on some strange things included in the prints and is worn towards a more stylish area, but no less provocative and sensual. The skin and the black veils juxtapose in a euphoria of transparencies, stirring the imagination and leaving room for mystery.

La Redoute History and the models implemented since the beginning of the 20's have been gradually shaped, in accordance with the evolution of fashion and with its many whims. It is not a story written for obvious marketing purposes, but a verified history, as real and as can be found in the brand's archives, but especially in ladies' cabinets over several generations.

In 1928, in Roubaix, in the north of France, he saw the light of the first catalog La Redoute, in a purse format, with only 16 pages in which about 40 knitted garments were presented, made in the spinning of the Pollet family. Currently, the La Redoute catalog is a true style and inspiration guide, comprising both sections with clothing, accessories and lingerie dedicated to women, men and children, as well as important areas with interior decoration elements or accessories for the home.

Rivalry with major fashion publications, consistent in volume and information especially in March and September (special numbers focused on seasonal trends, counting hundreds of pages), the La Redoute catalog reflects seasonal trends in about 700 pages, speaks to customers in 18 languages ​​and is distributed in no less than 13 million copies. We invite you to browse on virtual and