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Fantasmagoria at the Lipscani Theater

Fantasmagoria at the Lipscani Theater

Sunday, January 19th, 7:00 pm, we are waiting for you at the show "Fantasmagoria" held by the "Passe-Partout Dan Puric" Theater Company, at the Lipscani Theater ... a story that takes you into a magical world, into a a world where everything seems to come to life and you feel like you're part of a fairy tale.

It is a combination of circus, pantomime, snow trojans and quality humor. Basically, the four actors, Vadim Rusu, Nadeja Dimitriu, Petru Ciobanu and Petre Voicu, will manage to do what no one else has done - they will make you break away from reality and dream with open eyes, forget about worries and of needs and to live only that magical moment. The choreography also has its charm and, believe us, you will be amazed at what the four people can do on stage, with only a simple decoration available.

"Fantasmagoria" is a reverie show, during which the four actors will make you think that you have arrived in the middle of a fairy tale, a fairy tale in which Ileana Cosânzeana is the fiery master over three Pacala lost through the blizzard. A story that looks like a Russian movie ...
After seeing such a song, you will surely regret that you have lost so much time thinking about what is the best way to relax and how you can learn to enjoy more of what your life offers. .

Tickets and reservations at the Rapsodia Ballroom, Lipscani 53, Phone 021.315.89.80 or 0761.319.819.
Schedule: Tuesday - Wednesday: 11:00 - 18:00, Thursday - Sunday: 12:00 - 19:00

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