Carnival costumes for the holidays: DIY projects for your children!

Carnival costumes for the holidays: DIY projects for your children!

School holidays and kindergartens can be especially important for your child. He will thus know the emotions specific to important events, but he will also have the opportunity to discover new artistic values ​​and to express himself as he wishes.

In addition, such events teach the little ones both to become more independent, as well as to work in a team, and the role they play in stimulating memory and competitive spirit cannot be questioned.

Celebrations are also a good opportunity to be in the center of attention. The few minutes of glory are the dream of any child, even if some of them are very afraid of failure and manifest their emotions through sadness and apathy - and in such cases you must know that your little one needs you, your support, the confidence you offer and also needs to know that you have no expectations and that you love him unconditionally and independently of his artistic performance.

One of the reasons children are looking forward to the holidays is the possibility of interpreting certain roles within them, that is to disguise themselves in their favorite characters.

Carnival costumes are their favorite, so many schools and kindergartens opt for such a theme, precisely to stimulate children's desire to participate actively in events and thus overcome their inhibitions and fears.

Here are some carnival costumes you can make right at home, with simple materials, minimal efforts and a pretty small budget!

Little painted

Children are fascinated by artists from their earliest ages, and when this interest is cultivated in the direction in which they themselves wish, it could help them discover their true passions.

Here's what you need for this character:

- a pair of white pants or tights

- the pale blue dawn

- a yellow sarafan

- a piece of white material

- smaller pieces of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, and black

- a mop with a tail

- small bow

- brown paint

- a scissor

- needle and white tie and in the colors of the materials you will use

- a painter's beret

Here's how you will transform your daughter into a Little Painted Girl:

1. Soak the mop in a solution of peach and water, after you have shortened the wires, to tighten it and allow it to dry with the fibers down, hanging and a newspaper underneath it, to drain the excess. of aracet.

2. After it has dried, soak it in brown paint and leave it to dry again, in the same position.

3. Apply the cut white material like a ribbon on both sides of the sarafan, in an oblique position.

4. Cut the colored material into equal oval shapes and sew them over the white strip at equal distances, each 4 on each side. Have you seen any artist more likeable than your own daughter?

Flower fairy

Your daughter will love this costume, because it inspires delicacy and femininity, just like the flowers in the gardens or parks that she smells curious whenever she has the opportunity.

For this simple costume, you will need the following:

- a shirt in shades of green

- a pair of pants or tights in shades of green.

- a large piece of thicker green material

- two ribbons the length of an A4 sheet and two smaller ones

- a red strip for hair

- red felt

- needle and green and red thread

- a black marker

You will proceed as follows:

1. Cut the green material into oval shape and then cut the middle and cut the edges, so that it will form two symmetrical leaves, which together have the length equal to the width of the arms of your daughter.

2. Trim the red felt in the form of flower petals and sew them on the hair band, around.

3. Use long ribbons to create a leaf attachment system similar to that of a backpack and sew the small ones on the leaf plates, on the same side with the straps, so you get two ways.

4. Use the black marker to paint the ribs of the leaves. The flower fairy will look perfect!

Happy Honeymoon

Children love animals, and my favorites include my friend, so gentle and fluffy that you can not refrain from eating them.

For this costume, you will need:

- a black blouse

- a pair of sports pants or black tights

- a piece of plush or artificial fur

- a white ribbon

- a white cap

- a piece of felt the size of an A4 sheet

- scissors

- needle and black tie

- black dermatograph

Here's how you'll turn your little one into a true lamb:

1. Cut the plush or artificial fur so you get a very simple vest, in one piece.

2. Grasp it around the waist of your child using the white ribbon above the black suit.

3. Cut two ears out of a black felt and apply them on the cap as in the image attached, using the needle and the needle.

4. Paint your child's nose with a black dermatograph. No matter how Nazdravan is, you will only be able to tell him that he is a lamb!

Mickey Mouse

Here's a Disney character that will never go out of style: Mickey Mouse! Children love it, whether they are girls or boys, so the disguise in such a costume is itself a holiday.

To turn your baby into a beloved mouse, you will need the following:

- a sweater or a black shirt

- a pair of black tights or a pair of black tights

- a pair of yellow shorts

- a piece of white material

- needle and tie white and black

- a pair of yellow shoes

- a black cordeluta

- a piece of black felt

- a pair of white gloves

- a black dermatograph

Here's how you'll do it:

1. Cut two bullets out of white material and sew them on the front of the shorts.

2. Cut two ears out of a black felt and attach them to the cord, sewing them with a black thread.

3. After you equip your child, draw a nice nose with the help of the dermatographer. Now it might fool Walt Disney even that he is the real Mickey Mouse!

The cheerful minion

The animation that made the rage among all the children has the most sympathetic characters in the Universe: the minions. Hyperactive, funny and always put on spouses, these are among the characters that all children, schoolchildren or preschoolers, want to imitate.

You will need the following things for the minion costume:

- a yellow shirt or shirt

- a blue jumpsuit with straps (you can opt for a jeans jumpsuit)

- a yellow cap

- a gray haired bentita

- two gray plastic bracelets

- adhesive for textiles and plastics

- white felt, black felt and green or brown felt

- two oversized black buttons

- needle and gray tie

Here's how you'll do it:

1. Stitched gray strap over the cap, with gray thread.

2. Use the adhesive to glue the bentite bracelets, symmetrical and close to each other, in front of it.

3. Cut two white felt balls to cover the circumference of the bracelets and glue them to the top of them.

4. Cut two green or brown bullets for irises and two black ones, smaller than these. Stick them over the white ones to reproduce the eyes.

5. Sew the oversized buttons on the shoulder straps. This is what the most cheerful little boy in the world looks like!

The gigantic academy

All children love sweets, and when their appearance is appealing, the temptation is even greater. Therefore, no child would be displeased to represent their favorite dessert during the holiday.

To turn your child into a lollipop, you will need the following:

- a white blouse

- a pair of white tights

- cardboard

- a strong adhesive for paper

- watercolors or tempera paint in pastel colors

- a large brush

- a light plastic pipe

- adhesive for plastic

- scissors

- cutter

- adhesive tape kills, adheres

Here's how you'll do it:

1. Cut two large circles, of equal size, out of cardboard.

2. Cut a wide ribbon out of cardboard that will exceed the dimensions in width of your child.

3. Gather the two large balls with tape and fix them with adhesive. Let them dry well.

4. Paint the cylinder obtained with white, allow it to dry and then paint over colored spirals, so that it resembles a lollipop.

5. Cut a larger circle in front of the face and two smaller ones in the hands, in front of the lintel, using the cutter.

6. Cut the band joining the two circles at the bottom so you can dress your little one in this costume.

7. Use the plastic adhesive to glue the nozzle stick behind it, in an inclined position.

8. Wrap the stick in the adhesive tape and paint it with white. Let it dry well before dressing your own adorable lollipop. For a bigger effect, give her a pair of white shoes. Now you are ready to sweeten the feast and wish everyone present to have you always close!

Isn't this the costume that made his emotions disappear and his kindergarten or school colleagues wanted one as well?

What will your child wear for the celebration? Do you like our proposals for children's costumes? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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