Social rules in children. How do you help the child cope?

Social rules in children. How do you help the child cope?

Social rules for children are part of their education, parents being the ones who will teach them how to behave in society. It is important for any child to know these social rules because their ignorance can lead to conflicts with other children. Young children need to be educated so that they know how to behave with other children of the same age.

Hyperactivity in children can remove them from society

An overactive child can react impulsively without thinking about the consequences that may follow. Thus, he can create discussions or disputes with other children, and can even be eliminated from a particular group if he cannot adapt.

Therefore, it is very important for any parent to educate their child so that he / she can integrate into different groups, but also adapt to different situations.

People with hyperactivity can't concentrate when you talk to them or when you want to learn something. Thus, it will take a lot of exercise and practice to expose certain situations and rules in society for them and to capture their attention.

There are situations when your child will not be able to wear a specific blouse because it is not fashionable. In such circumstances, you must find out the cause - the real problem. It is really about fashion or the opinion of his colleagues.

In case the little one gives up clothes or things that he / she holds in order to please other people, you will need to intervene. You have to support him and explain to him that he will truly be pleased with who he is and not how he dresses.

Today she is your girl's best friend, tomorrow she is the biggest rival

Girls get friends quickly when they are young and can argue as quickly as anything. For a mother, it is painful to see her face suffering.

When you are at an early age, any quarrel with a friend can be dramatic and can affect you quite a lot. You can only intervene when you ask for advice. It's good to give her space when she's upset.

Does your child not receive birthday invitations?

If you have noticed that the little one does not receive invitations to other colleagues' birthdays, you could have a discussion with the educator. If you feel excluded from a group it is not good to leave the situation that way.

It is important to know how this situation came about and how your child behaves. The educator can give you valuable information as she spends a lot of time with him. Together you can adopt a strategy by which you can help him adapt or be accepted by others.

The unpolitical attitude bothers the little ones

Even if they don't realize it and they do it unintentionally, the children manage to get other people out of their homes by rude attitudes. They get used to talking to other people, digging in their nose or talking loudly.

Therefore, it is important to receive from the parents some indications regarding the behavior in the society, both in terms of playing with another child, as well as discussing with an adult. In addition, any discussion with the little one will be able to bear fruit in the future.

It is important to remember that no parent should put pressure on their child but only communicate with them. In addition, you will immediately find out if he or she will feel comfortable discussing or telling you about a particular situation. Discussions should not stress them and run naturally.

By the way, you can get your child used to talking by urging him to tell you about other children, then stop by him. On the other hand, as long as there is a stressed parent, he or she will be able to transmit his / her condition to the child.

There are psychologists who support this and have examples in this regard. That is why it is good to relax and think only about good things regarding your child.

How did you deal with your child? What social rules did you learn? We look forward to your suggestions in the comments section below!

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