Second trimester of pregnancy

Second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy is the one where you will have the opportunity to truly appreciate the important moments of the amazing adventure you are experiencing when you are pregnant. The unpleasant signs and symptoms of pregnancy disappear, the tummy is still not too big to become uncomfortable, the fetus undergoes major changes, and your sex life gets wings, due to the extremely high libido. The second trimester is the most beautiful and relaxing of all three pregnancy-related.

Starting with the second trimester, your body and the baby growing in your tummy are going through significant changes. During this time you will have some really emotional moments of pregnancy: finding out the sex of the baby, first strokes in the belly, raising the belly, etc.

And from an emotional point of view, you will notice important changes. The feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, specific to the onset of pregnancy, ends and you regain your former psychic tone.

Here are the most important changes that take place in the second trimester of pregnancy and what to expect!

Development of the fetus in the second trimester of pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, the body of the fetus begins to develop and acquire more and more human form. It is also the overwhelming and emotional moment in which you will become aware, if you have not done so before, that in your belly a human being grows.

The development of the fetus is making significant progress every week of the second trimester.

An important moment in this quarter is finding out about sex. During the 14th week of pregnancy, the sex of the child becomes more and more obvious. Prostate develops in boys, while ovarian follicles begin to form in girls.

In the following weeks, 15-19, the body of the fetus becomes more and more contoured - the rapid development of the bones takes place, the uterus and vagina begin to take shape (in the girls), the first hairs on the head begin to grow, the body accumulates fat deposits and is also the time when the fetus develops its sucking reflex. At the ultrasounds you will go to during the prenatal period, it is possible to surprise him in pictures as his finger sucks. Also in this interval, the fetus begins to hear.

The 20th week of pregnancy also corresponds to the middle of this wonderful period of your life. It is also the moment when you could feel the thrill of the baby's first strokes in the tummy. He has gained some weight and is starting to become more and more active.

Beginning with this week and until the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, that is until the 27th week, the baby develops more and more - it hits and moves at the hearing of your voice, manages to swallow, the hair grows, and his eyes move and his taste buds develop. Also during this period, fingerprints and feet are formed.

The end of the second trimester of pregnancy is important for the development of the reproductive organs of the fetus. If he is a boy, the testicles begin to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum, and if he is a girl, the uterus and ovaries take shape and reach the complete stage of development.

The lung and nervous system of the fetus continue to develop during the last trimester of pregnancy. Also, until the end, the fetus will increase both in length and weight.

Physical and emotional changes of the mother in the second trimester of pregnancy

And your body will undergo major changes in the three months of the middle trimester of pregnancy. Unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms begin to become memories. During this period, you have positive and beneficial transformations for you.

Your breasts are starting to get bigger and bigger and more sensitive. During this period, the body begins to produce colostrum, the first form of milk with which the baby is breast fed and to prepare the breasts for the breastfeeding process.

The abdomen expands as the uterus widens to allow for fetal growth and development. The tummy starts to show a little since the beginning of the second trimester, but the biggest increase will be known in the latter part of the pregnancy. Expect that by the time of birth you gain weight, on average, between 1.4 and 1.8 kg per month.

Braxton Hicks contractions will also make an appearance, a sign that the body is beginning to prepare for the big moment of birth.

The first changes and disorders of the skin begin to appear. You may face problems such as stretch marks, varicose veins, rosacea or shiny skin. These are caused either by the acceleration of blood circulation or by the enlargement of the skin as the tummy grows, and often disappear after birth.

Blood vessels begin to dilate in response to pregnancy hormones that are secreted by the body. In this situation, your blood pressure may increase slightly, and you may experience some dizziness. If you experience this sensation, drink a larger amount of fluids at a time, as it helps reduce pressure.

Muscle cramps and swelling of the legs are symptoms that begin to appear from the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, but reach the height of the last. Symptoms appear due to weight gain, caused by enlargement of the belly, which puts pressure on the legs and affects blood circulation.

If your sex life was completely unsatisfactory in the first trimester, the middle of the pregnancy is favorable to her resuscitation. Not only that you no longer have the unpleasant symptoms from the beginning of pregnancy, but your libido grows and you have a period when sexual desire is more present than ever.

From an emotional point of view, you have a relaxing but overwhelming time, in which to enjoy the maximum intensity every moment of the pregnancy.

It is the moment when the so-called "nest instinct" develops. It is characterized by a strong desire to decorate and prepare the house for the future baby, even if you are just in the middle of pregnancy.

How did you feel about your second trimester of pregnancy? What were his good moments? But the most uncomfortable? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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