Shake with chocolate and cherries

Shake with chocolate and cherries

The chocolate and cherry shake is an easy and tasty summer dessert that will easily win over your entire family. Here's how you can prepare it!


Preparation time

10-15 minutes




100 g vanilla ice cream

180 ml cold milk

140 ml chocolate syrup

3-4 entrusted cherries

whiskey for decoration

cherries (fresh or candied) for decoration

Method of preparation

Add in ice cream blender, milk, chocolate syrup and cherries. Stir until the ingredients form a homogeneous beverage.

Pour the chocolate shake and cherries into 2 glasses and, at the end, decorate with whipped cream and fresh or candied cherries.

Preparation tricks

To get a less fluid shake, with a creamier consistency, I reduce the amount of milk. Also, if you like fruit shakes, mix the ingredients in the blender for less time.

Eventually, the shake will become a really refreshing drink on a hot summer day if you choose to serve it in the glasses that you had in the fridge for a few minutes beforehand.

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