Play when choosing your baby's name!

Play when choosing your baby's name!

Make choosing your child's name a fun and fun game! You might discover a name that is not only ingenious and creative, but also an option worth considering in order to baptize your baby who is about to be born. Here are some fun toys you could try to find a name for your baby, even if you just do it for the fun of it!

Find out the name of the child with the roulette of luck!

Let the child's name be chosen by the hand of luck and have fun in the family with a fun game.

Create a round clock, made of hard cardboard, in which you mount only one language. Take care how you fix it so you can turn it around like a puppet. The clock must be similar to a roulette that is found in casinos, just instead of numbers, type children's names. Type 3-5 names that you like best.

Then, have fun copying the clock's needle and waiting for the name to come out more often from a fixed number of attempts. If the needle frequently stops at a name, who knows, maybe it's a sign that the baby has to wear it!

Leave the baby's name to fate!

Each member of the family probably has a few favorite names for the child. Certainly, the topic of choosing the perfect baby name often results in scandals that are more beautiful, more appropriate, more sonorous, more resonant or have more qualities.

To avoid such small quarrels, but also to have a little fun, organize some fun games, in which no one has the power to decide what the right name is. Leave the choice of name to the fate!

Gather together the favorite names of all family members. Write them on sheets of identical size. Pack them well and put them all in a bowl. Mix well and nominate a family member to choose a bowl name.

If you want the future child to bear more names, you can have two people extract them.

Yes with the money!

Also in the idea of ​​avoiding quarrels between you and your partner on the topic of choosing the child's name, you can use another game in which you let the odds decide. Dating with money is a game in which each name (both the one you prefer and the one of the future dad) has equal chances to come out the winner.

You have two sides of a coin: head and tassel. One will choose his head and the other will remain with the haze. They will take the place of the names you have chosen. The penny is then blown in and held in one hand, placing the other palm on it. Then see if the head or the haze came out. The name associated with that girl's coin is the winner.

Find the opposite sex!

If you already know what sex the child has, give up looking for names for him in the sections and books for each gender.

Have lots of fun, reversing your searches. If you have a boy, take a look at the girls name and vice versa. Not only will you be surprised at the thought that the boy might be named Sofia or Nicoleta, but you might discover interesting names.

Some names recommended for each gender may also be neutral. It means they fit both genders. It is possible that, from a simple play, you can identify the right name for your child, which you have not been able to find until now.

Make random choices!

Take a dictionary of foreign languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Italian) and open it on a random page. Take a look at a word from there and have a lot of fun with the meaning and sound of the name the child might have if you choose to call it that.

Find the name of your child in the most unexpected sources!

Leave aside the specialized magazines and online searches. Play with the child's name and look for the most inspired ... or uninspired sources.

  • Take a lifestyle or fashion magazine and don't leave it until you get at least three or five names that you spot with its pages.
  • Randomly choose a forum on the internet and select only the names of those who post. See what attracts your attention and have fun copying some of them!
  • Go through the city and pay attention to posters, advertisements and store names that you can play with to become an inspiration for your child's future name.

How did you choose the name of your child? What sources did you use to make sure it was the right one? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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