Choosing the child's name according to the sign

Choosing the child's name according to the sign

The zodiac sign under which your child is born has a special influence on his personality traits, his passions and the way he approaches his life and his problems.

The zodiac determines the way we look at things, but it also has an influence on our behavior and most of the times on how we look.

Besides the sign, there are other factors that shape us. Some of them are controllable, as is the education received at home and at school, and others depend only on chance, such as where we are born or the family we are growing up with.

Choosing the name also plays a very important role in the lives of children and can influence their luck or happiness.

Here are the most appropriate names for each sign and keep that in mind when choosing the name of your child!


Aries have a special respect for themselves, an iron will and a similar ambition, being recognized for their impulsive and independent behavior, but also for the idealistic way of looking at life. The proper names for the natives of this sign are those that start with the letters A or L, such as: Adela, Adina, Adrian, Alexandru, Lara, Liana, Laurentiu, Liviu.


The representatives of this sign are recognized for their devotion, but also for their pride and stubbornness. Taurus are convinced family members, but they are also very possessive and very proud people. The perfect name for Taurus natives starts with the letters I, E, O or U, such as: Ianis, Ioachim, Ioan, Ileana, Ilinca, Ilona, ​​Ecaterina, Edan, Eduard, Eliana, Oana, Octav, Orlando, Otilia.


The twins are very malleable and can handle any situation, being able to deduct at any time to adapt to new conditions. Friendly and very determined, these natives are often irresistible, having a very strong magnetism. The best names for them are those that start with the letters A, G or H, such as: Adelina, Ailyn, Aleena, Amir, Andi, Anton, Gabriel, Georgiana, Giulia, Hanna, Hayden, Horatiu, Horia.


The natives of the Cancer sign are very sensitive and vulnerable and run the whole life of independence. They seldom choose artistic professions or that are related to aesthetics. The best names for them are those that start with the letters D or H, such as: Daiana, Damian, Daniel, Darian, Delia, Denis, Diana, Dominic, Horatiu, Horia.


Virgins are very cerebral and very responsible people, who carefully analyze all their decisions and who calculate each step before making it. Recognized for the discipline they prove in all aspects of life, they become very lucky when they bear names starting with one of the letters P, S or T, such as: Patricia, Paul, Paul, Penelope, Sabin, Samira, Sandra, Sanziana , Sasha, Sebastian, Tania, Tatiana, Teodor, Traian, Tudor.


The scales are very demanding and also very balanced. The desire for harmony transforms them into true artists of diplomacy, and their tastes are often eccentric. Reliable friends, the natives of this sign are very lucky when they bear names starting with the letters T or R, such as: Tiberiu, Timea, Tina, Raisa, Raluca, Razvan, Remus, Robyn, Roxana.


Passionate in nature, Scorpions can become very vulnerable and very possessive in their relationships with others. Although they are vicious and proud, you have to step on their tail very badly to shed their nerves on you. Their lucky names start with the letters N or T, such as: Tanya, Teddy, Teo, Theodora-Sophie, Timothy, Nadia, Natalia, Nicola, Norris.


Almost as idealistic as Aries, Sagittarius are often perceived as naive. They cannot be deprived of freedom and hate to dive into activities that do not require their imagination. The proper names for the natives of this sign start with the letters T, P, D or B, such as: Tamara, Thomas, Tatiana, Taisa, Paul, Paula, Daiana, Daphne, Darius, David-Alexandru, Delia, Beatrice, Bianca-Maria , Bogdan, Bruno.


Capricorns are extremely proud and have very high standards. Their ambition, determination and discipline help them to know their success, and their timidity and loyalty help them to remain modest and reserved. Their lucky names start with the letters V, F or M, such as: Valentin, Valerie, Vanda, Viorela, Victor, Vlad, Vladimir, Felix, Filip, Florena, Florin, Madalina, Malvina, Marco.


Aquariums are very creative and do not miss any opportunity to stand out. They have many friends, but they are mostly independent. I hate the rules and are often the ones who bring fun in any group. For them, the proper names start with the letters E, S, D or G, such as: Elena, Elias Ionut, Eliza, Ema, Eva, Sabin, Sandra, Sebastian, Sergiu, Daiana, Darius, Dominic, Geanina, Gloria, Gratian .


The fish are very charismatic and have very good relationships with everyone around them, precisely because they always come to their aid and gently offer them the advice they need. The luckiest names for these natives start with the letters A, or L, such as: Aimee, Aleena, Alin, Anastasia, Andreas, Aida, Leticia, Liam, Ligia.

For you, did it influence you in choosing the name, the sign in which your child was born? What do you think of the names proposed by us? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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