Immunization against rotavirus, an unknown for many of the mothers in Romania

Immunization against rotavirus, an unknown for many of the mothers in Romania

51% of mothers in Romania have not heard of immunization against rotavirus

Of the diseases of childhood, the rotavirus appears at the earliest; infection is a risk from the first months of life. For 8 out of 10 children affected by rotavirus, hospitalization was required, more than in the case of children with hepatitis B or pneumonia.

According to a study of the Romanian Society of Pediatrics conducted within the campaign "To protect the childhood together", conducted by Cult Market Research, 51% of mothers did not hear about vaccination against rotavirus, the most common infectious disease of childhood.

Developed nationwide among mothers with children between the ages of 0 and 5, the study showed that of the low percentage of mothers who heard about the rotavirus vaccine, only 35% chose to protect their baby by immunization. Compared with vaccination against other diseases (pneumonia, varicella, hepatitis B), rotavirus vaccination has the lowest percentage recorded: almost 2 times fewer mothers choose to prevent rotavirus infection of the child by immunization.

However, according to the results of the study, The rotavirus hospitalized most children compared to the other diseases, more even than hepatitis B or pneumonia. Thus, according to the study, hospitalization was required for 8 out of 10 children affected by rotavirus. In Romania, the average hospitalization for rotavirus is 6 days.

Respondents confirmed that the average age at which their children or friends became infected with rotavirus is 1.7 years, the lowest compared to other childhood diseases. The specialists of the Romanian Society of Pediatrics warn that The rotavirus presents the highest risks, sometimes fatal, in children under 1 year. Statistics from doctors in Romania show that 95% of children will become infected with rotavirus before they reach the age of 5.

"The study conducted within the newly launched campaign, shows once again how important is the constant and correct information of mothers in Romania. Because we see every day moms who are forced to hospitalize their rotavirus sick baby, because we know how hard it is for the mothers to watch their baby with infusions in handcuffs, we wanted to launch a special section on rotavirus on the campaign site, "says Prof. Dr. Marin Burlea, President of the Romanian Pediatric Society. "Because 'together we protect the child', we recommend parents to read the section www.protejamimpreuna.ro/rotavirus, where pediatricians discuss the symptoms, causes and effects of rotavirus disease. Through this section, we want to talk to mothers about how they can to prevent this disease, which affected 37,595 children in Romania last year, "added the President of the Romanian Pediatric Society.

Gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus it is the most common disease in the first years of life of the child and is highly contagious. According to the World Health Organization, the disease kills 527,000 children worldwide annually. Standard hygiene measures do not significantly influence the transmission of the virus, therefore the disease is widespread worldwide, regardless of economic standards. Worldwide, the four main causes of infant mortality in children under 5 years of age include diarrheal diseases (most are caused by rotavirus), with a rate of 15%, exceeding the incidence of childhood accidents through asphyxiation and complications of preterm birth.

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