The alias name of your child! Be careful how you choose the name he will wear!

The alias name of your child! Be careful how you choose the name he will wear!

Many parents think months in a row before choosing the right names for their children, but not everyone attaches great importance to alias names and most of the time they choose spontaneously, depending on the physical characteristics of the children, by their personality, by their passions or even by their small particularities.

However, alias names are very important for the development of children, for the way they are perceived by those around them, regardless of whether they are adults or their peers in kindergarten and, later, in school.

The influence that fosters have on children's confidence in their own strengths is quite strong, so parents should pay close attention when choosing them.

Here are some rules that will help you find one or more cute alias names for your child and that will not affect their social life in the future!

1. Take into account the gender of the child when choosing his alias

If you have never considered baptizing your son by the name "Alexandra" or daughter using the name "Alexandru", you must consider this rule and when choosing a alias for your child.

Thus, you will help him to better understand the difference between the two sexes and to have a correct view on his identity. Despite the fact that some laces can be used for both boys and girls, it is advisable to use those that emphasize your child's sexual identity.

2. Avoid the alias name that comes from the wrong pronunciation of some words

When he starts to speak, your son or daughter will initially say certain words incorrectly and will not be able to speak certain letters from the first. One of the most common such "mistakes" is the correct pronunciation of the letter "R" and its replacement with "L".

If you want your little one to learn to master the words, you must speak correctly how many times you are around him.

Keep in mind that you are a role model for him and behave as such, no matter how funny you find him shouting "Laducu" instead of "Raducu". Not only will it make it easier for them to learn the correct pronunciation by hearing it more often, but it will also make them feel ridiculous for its temporary inability to reproduce certain sounds.

3. Get inspired by its qualities

Help your child build their confidence in their own strengths and become independent and doable by emphasizing its qualities, even if it is the alias name you use for it.

Avoid pointing out physical flaws or imperfections when choosing a nickname, because doing so will only make it a safe target for bullying.

Thus, if your child's nose is more prominent or unusual in shape, never "nose it" or other derivatives of it. Always focus on the qualities when choosing a alias and help build a strong self-image of your child.

The little ones are very sensitive and, when they point out their flaws, they can face quite serious problems regarding self-respect.

4. Choose a alias name that others can use

Keep in mind that the alias or nickname you give your child will be used by others. If you do not want to shout the whole "ball" class, even if it is fuller, avoid telling it yourself this way. Sometimes, children can be very cruel to each other and that is why it is important for adults to oppose these little acts of evil, such as using nicknames by replacing them with positive alternatives, which will make children feel appreciated, important and valuable. .

5. Think of an alias name that will not become embarrassing as the child grows up

As funny as it may seem to you initially to give your baby the "mustache" because of the way it gets dirty around the mouth when eating, you should think that other children might ask him questions about the origin of his name. and the answer could be quite embarrassing, especially after a certain age.

Think of words that will not make him feel bad in any social context and, in this way, you will have his approval to use his alias for more time. Otherwise, it is very likely that he will ask you to give up calling him other than by name.

6. Do not bind yourself to traits you cannot control

Children are very sensitive during the growth period and anything can affect their self-esteem. If your son or daughter has a noticeable physical defect, do not bind him or her to create an alias. It is not comfortable for anyone to point out their flaws, and when we cannot control their frustration it is even greater.

How do you feed your child? Have you ever thought that his alint's name will affect his social life? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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