Boem Club Summer School 2016 opens with an exceptional concert performance

Boem Club Summer School 2016 opens with an exceptional concert performance

Boem Club, the largest private music school in Bucharest, organizes on Saturday, June 18, 2016, at the performance hall of the National Art Center "Tinerimea Romana", the 14th Boem Club concert show, entitled "Pe bohemian rhythms ".

150 performers of all ages from piano, guitar, cello, violin, saxophone, drums and singing classes will delight the audience with modern or classical rhythms. The concert "On Bohemian Rhythms" will end a successful school year at the Boem Club Music School, a year full of successes and prizes for our students from piano, singing and guitar, who won over 80 awards in 2016 at the competitions at who represented us.

At the same time, the concert also marks the beginning of the Boem Club Summer School, which will run from June 20 to September 11, 2016. During the Summer School children and adults can participate in piano, singing, violin, guitar, drums, saxophone lessons, clarinet and cello, in musical projects of 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or throughout the summer school period.

The surprise of the Boem Club Summer School 2016 is the Music Camp organized in Moeciu, from July 15-30. The Music Camp aims to initiate as many children between the ages of 7 and 17 years in the mysteries of music, these experimenting in just one week playing drums, piano, violin, guitar and voice.

"We invite all children who like music to participate in the music courses of the Boem Club Summer School, whether they take place in our premises in Bucharest or in the music camp in Moeciu, to introduce them to the magical world of music. . Singing in a voice or a musical instrument develops children's artistic sense, memory, emotion management, responsibility, stage presence, team spirit at group courses, makes them more communicative and sociable. " Claudia ATANASOAE, Boem Club Director

In order to make the initiation of children into music as accessible as possible, the Boem Club Music School has integrated summer school courses into the CSR campaign, organizing music lessons throughout the summer at affordable prices for parents.

The Summer School will end with a special concert, attended by the students who attended music lessons during the summer at the Boem Club.