How to start looking for a baby name

How to start looking for a baby name

You found out that you are pregnant, and the enthusiasm of being a parent did not last long, as concerns about analysis, investigation, shopping, birth, etc. began. You didn't think choosing a baby name could prove to be such a difficult task. When you have no idea how you want to baptize your baby and nothing seems to inspire you, don't panic! Here are some ideas on where to start looking for the right name for your baby!


Read books with names and about choosing a child's name!

A good start, when you have no idea what name your baby will wear, is reading a specialty book. There are plenty of books and magazines with and about names for children dedicated to future parents.

Browse through some of them. It is never known when one of the names that will pass through your eyes will become your choice for the baptism of the future baby.

Ask specialists in numerology or astrology!

If you fully understand that your child's name may become an extension of his personality or positively influence his life, then it is advisable to consider the sciences that deal with the relationship between name and destiny.

Call on numerology and astrology to identify the right name for your future baby, depending on the likely date of birth or the sign you will be a part of.

Pay attention to everything that moves around you!

Greater attention to details, people, places and all the things you meet in your path, every day, could help you find the right name for your baby.

The name of some close people or with whom you are just acquainted with where you are going might seem interesting and may become some of the options to consider for the child's name. The places you go to frequently can be full of posters or banners, which could be written names that might attract your attention.

Choose the names of your loved ones!

Dig deep into the family tree and see if the name of your grandfather, great-grandfather, aunt or uncle is not an election to baptize your child. Think about whether or not the name of the person you love most, mother, friend, sister, etc., cannot become the name of the baby you will be born with!

Consider the names of your idols!

Whether it's actors, writers, singers, athletes or models, the name of your idol may prove to be the best choice of baby name!

It is still fashionable to baptize your child with the name of your favorite star. It is important to make sure that it is not very strange or complicated to pronounce or write, but as common or popular. An "abnormal" name could negatively affect the child's life and development, especially on a social level.

Decide the baby's name at a family council!

Make a family session, where you can gather the future father and the other children together, and write down each of the top 5 favorite names you have for the future baby. Then confront the lists and see a name has been chosen several times, which will inspire you more and put to the vote two variants.

Leave the baby's name to fate!

When you fail to agree with your partner regarding the baby's future name, it may be best to leave it to fate.

In order not to quarrel and to have no more conflicts arising on the topic of the name that each of you prefer, do otherwise. Write on two papers the name you like best and put your tickets in a bowl. Decide who will take a ticket from the bowl, which will be decisive for how you will baptize the child. The name inscribed on the selected ticket will become the one the future child will carry.

You can also try to give money. In this case too, fate will be decisive and you will avoid arguing over this issue.

How did you choose the name of your child? Did you always know how you want to be called or was it a more difficult choice? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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