Smoked plum food

Smoked plum food

The smoked plum food was prepared in the past in the Romanian households. The recipe was sent by our grandparents.

Preparation time

50 minutes




500 g smoked plums

1 onion


2 tablespoons old

1 tablespoon flour

200 ml white wine

100 ml of oil

Method of preparation

Clean the cod plums, then put them in hot water for about an hour.

Take out the plums and bring them to a boil in a deep pot, covered with hot water.

Chop the onion and heat it in hot oil, then let it become glassy. Turn it off with a cup of hot water, in which you unpack a teaspoon of flour.

Pour the onion over the plums, after boiling them for half an hour. Let them boil over medium heat, add the white wine and let the food drop well.

When the plums are well hydrated and have the shape of freshly picked, put on a burnt sugar sauce.

Serve cold food with fresh bread.

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