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Useful tips on how to protect ourselves from insects

Useful tips on how to protect ourselves from insects

How to protect ourselves from insects?

Natural insect protection for pregnant women and children

How can we protect our children from mosquito bites?

Most of the Romanian market products contain active ingredients of chemical origin. The most commonly used are Icadirin and DEET (diethyltoluamide). The use of these chemicals should be avoided in children under 2 years of age, even in small doses.

Other products use citronella, an essential oil known for its natural protection against external factors. The delicate skin of babies must be protected by means of special repellents, designed for sensitive skin and containing ingredients of plant origin.

The Chicco Anti-Mosquito range is designed to provide natural protection against insect bites. The active ingredient is of vegetable origin and is therefore suitable for sensitive and delicate skin of children and pregnant women.

Chicco Anto-Moscquito offers complete protection, safe and efficient both day and night.

Natural protection from Chicco

The active ingredient of its products is the extract of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora, a natural oil derivative, known as an excellent repellent against mosquitoes. This oil is extracted from a certain species of eucalyptus; the active content is a natural derivative, and its extraction process is certified by ECOCERT, which guarantees the conformity of the raw materials in accordance with the standards of natural and organic cosmetics.

A number of studies, including clinical ones, have shown high efficacy of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora extract against several species of mosquitoes, such as: Culex Pipiens, Aedes Albopictus (known as Asian Tiger), Aedes Agepty (transmitting dengue fever or fever "broken bones" due to bone pain that can be so intense that it causes the sensation of chaos to break), Anopheles Albimanus and Anopheles Gambiae (the main "culprit" for spreading malaria in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean).

Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora Extract is also effective against a wide range of insects such as: ticks, sand flies, small mosquitoes and horse flies.

It is known that the repellent function of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora extract is similar to that offered by the synthetic chemical compounds currently on the market (eg DEET).

Various tests have shown that natural ingredients are even more effective than synthetic ones. The extract of Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora was registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency and is subject to the obligation to declare as a biocidal product through European Directive 98/8 / EC.

Why choose Chicco Anti-Mosquito?

Natural protection

The active ingredient in the Chicco Anti-Mosquito range is of natural origin (CITRIODIOL) - extracted from a certain species of eucalyptus in Australia. Citriodiol is widely known as an excellent natural insect repellent. Its efficiency recommends it as the most natural indicating ingredient in the world.

Delicate protection

All Chicco Anti-Mosquito products are dermatologically tested. They are safe and suitable even for the most sensitive skin. They do not contain alcohol, dyes or parabens, so they are recommended for children under 2 years old, but also for pregnant women.

"Night and day" protection

The exclusive formula of the Chicco Anti-Mosquito range works effectively both at night and during the day, offering excellent protection against the most common species of mosquitoes, including against Aedes Albopictus (the Asian Tiger mosquito), more and more. widespread in many parts of the world.

Long-term protection

The repellent effect of mosquitoes lasts longer than in the case of most natural repellents on the market. A single application will protect the baby's skin for up to 3 hours. If this protection is to be extended for more than 3 hours, the product can be safely reapplied.

Due to the practical formats, Chicco Anti-Mosquito products can be easily applied, even on the skin of babies.

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Spray100 ML

Designed to work even when held in a different position than the vertical, so it can be applied more easily and faster throughout the body surface.

Surgical medical product

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Gel 60 ML

Designed to allow the correct dose of the substance to be applied to the child's skin. Specially designed for "pocket" so that it is always at hand.

Surgical medical product

Roll-On Chicco Anti-Mosquito 60 ML

This product can be applied quickly and easily, even by your child.

Surgical medical product

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Wipes - 15 pcs / pack

It effectively protects the baby's skin from insect bites due to its natural active ingredient. Wet towels are individually packaged. Ideal for travelers or for a walk in the park.

Surgical medical product

Roll-On Chicco Natural Care for soothing insect and jelly bites 10 ML - 0 months +

Ideal for soothing the delicate skin of babies, due to its natural formula with zantoxilum extract (a Chinese plant known for its universal soothing properties) and menthol (for a cooling sensation). Do not leave stains or traces of fat. It does not contain ammonia and alcohol.

Recommended since birth.